Burstner Lyseo T734 review

By: Bill Savidan, Photography by: Bill Savidan

The Lyseo T734 is functional and stylish and offers a three-room apartment on wheels

Leading up to the summer of 2016, Bürstner carried out a study of how people live and what they aspire to in their home life as well as life on the road.


The Harmony Line features some of the ideas that arose from this study. Wohnfühlen, which translates to ‘a sense of wellbeing’, is central to this line of thought. Creature comforts and ease of use are the way it is expressed. Harmony prevails.


Outside features fall into the ‘ease of use’ category. All Lyseo models are built on a Fiat Ducato low frame chassis with a wider rear axle providing superior stability and a smoother ride. GRP sheathing on the roof and under the floor provide excellent protection from hail above and from road metal damage below.

The 700mm extra-wide XL premium door and electric step are standard fixtures as is the central service unit that puts water tank filling and emptying and the 230-volt power connection point conveniently together behind one locker lid. The large rear garage has access hatches both sides and the bed above can be hand cranked into a higher position to increase the garage headroom.


Interior features are mostly of the creature comfort variety. With a level floor throughout and headroom of around 2050mm, the interior looks and feels most spacious. Taking advantage of the low frame chassis Bürstner has made the floor a double floor.

The space between floors is put to good use housing plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. And when the heating system is on, the space is heated, hence its Bürstner name, ‘Thermo-Floor’, providing a barrier to the cold that seeps up from below.

Shower -2

It also provides a number of underfloor storage compartments and eliminates the need for inconvenient wheel arches in the bathroom or shower. It is also worth noting that outside, the clever positioning of decals disguises the fact that the Harmony Line is very tall with 2050mm of interior headroom.

SmartRV, Bürstner’s New Zealand agents, import six different models in the Lyseo Harmony Line range. From kitchen to the cab, they all have the same layout. In the rear bedroom department, they are all different. The model being reviewed is the T734.

Interior decor

The T734 upholstery, ‘Sydney Swing’ features genuine white leather infill panels along with the white locker doors, providing a crisp contrast to the brown timber veneer finish to the cabinetry and the distinctive simulated woven matting floor vinyl.

Window cassettes containing insect screens and blinds surround both bedroom windows and two Roman blinds cover all when lowered. In the kitchen/dinette, the window treatment is different. The wall panelling covers the window cassettes, neatly recessing them into the window openings.

In a move right up with the latest trends, Bürstner has fitted light switches that detach from the wall, transforming them into remote light switches. All in all, the interior is spacious and refreshing.

Base vehicle

Along with most Bürstner offerings, the T734 is built on a Fiat Ducato cab chassis. This one employs a 2.3 turbo diesel motor driving the front wheels through a six-speed AMT gearbox.

It is easy to drive whether the driver is experienced or a first timer in a motorhome. It is equipped with passenger and driver airbags, electrically adjustable heated side mirrors, manual cab air-conditioning including a pollen filter, cruise control, and features safety items, ESP including ASR, hill holder, and traction plus.


Interior -1

Fitted with chromed dashboard panels and a leather steering wheel, it is a step up from the standard Fiat presentation. On the floor are durable, black rubber floor mats. In the middle of the dashboard is a media centre—radio/MP3 player/monitor for the reversing camera. 

Note that the cab seats rotate easily and clear all adjacent structures without issue. This is not always the case.


Above the cab seat is an easy-to-reach full-width shelf, well designed with an upstand to prevent items falling on the driver. Above that again is a large opening Skyroof panorama hatch fitted with an insect screen and a blind.

Remis cab blinds (windscreen and side windows) and LED daytime running lights also come as part of the standard kit.



This model doesn’t have a drop-down bed. Instead, there’s a roof hatch. Some would say that’s a fair swap. Whatever your point of view, the hatch adds light and fresh air as required and that’s no bad thing.

With the cab seats rotated, a single side seat and a generous-sized two-seater seat facing forward the dinette seats five quite comfortably. The swing-out angled extension leaf looks a bit odd at first glance but it serves its purpose well.

Note that the forward facing dinette seat is belted for two passengers. In a departure from the norm, the dinette table can be removed and stowed away. House batteries are located under the side settee and the combined water heater/central heater is located under the dinette seat. There are heater vents at floor level and storage recess lids in the floor.


A ceiling hatch above the dinette and a window beside the table provide good ventilation.
Beside the step-well is an attractive wall panel with a useful storage shelf.

The TV is mounted in a recess at the top of the panel providing easy viewing from the cab seats. The main switches (lights and water pump) and monitors (both house and truck batteries and the water tanks) are on the panel above the TV.


Kitchen -1

Nicely presented, the kitchen has the practical L-shaped layout with a round sink and three inline gas hobs. Both the hobs and sink have covers that serve as additional bench space when fitted. The bench tops, kitchen, bathroom, and dinette table are crafted from a new material, Fenix, which claims healing properties that self-repair minor cuts and scratches.

While there is not a lot of meal ‘prep’ space, with careful organisation it is adequate. Below bench is well planned with a dedicated cutlery drawer, a domestic oven big enough to fit a size 16 chicken, a great slide-out bottle rack plus a tea towel rail. There are two very useful deep drawers beneath the sink.

Towel -rack

Wall mounted above the bench is a spice rack and a Nespresso capsule rack. Now all you need is the Nespresso machine and an inverter (if you are planning on freedom camping).
Alongside the bench is a tall 145-litre fridge/45-litre freezer.

It is a well-vented kitchen with a ceiling hatch, entry door opposite, a window beside the bench top and an extractor fan above hobs.



This is a popular bathroom layout with a centrally mounted handbasin, toilet on the left, and shower stall on the right. An abundance of cabinets and shelves takes care of toiletries. It has a novel toilet paper dispenser that keeps the roll under control.

The roll sits in a wire basket inside a cupboard beside the toilet, with the end of the roll feeding through a slot in the door. Simple and effective. The shower tray has two drains—one each side of the tray increasing the chances of the tray draining completely.

The bathroom is a compact but practical space, and it has a secret that makes it even better. Closing two doors, one to the kitchen, the other to the bedroom turns the hallway outside the bathroom into a private dressing room.


Bed -height

The heart of the bedroom is the bed with its padded headboard. This one has a five-zone memory foam mattresses with a special slatted base to ensure a restful night’s sleep. The bed height is adjustable depending on how much headroom is needed in the garage below. Even fully raised, there is still room to sit up in bed. The bed is centred, leaving room for a wardrobe on the driver’s side and a narrow shelved cupboard kerbside. There is some storage space at the foot of the bed but the garage takes the bulk of the space.


Lyseo -1

The Bürstner Lyseo T734 is a delightful motorhome. The low frame chassis with the wide rear axle has given Burstner’s designers and engineers room to introduce new ideas like flat floors with double floors and more cabin headroom.

The kitchen storage space has had a work-over and is better for it; likewise the bathroom. And while making the bed height adjustable, they haven’t lost sight of the fact that the bed is the number one item in the bedroom and the mattress and base supplied recognises this. Well done Burstner. 

Bürstner Lyseo T734 specifications

Vehicle make/model: Fiat Ducato cab/chassis
Engine: 2.3L Euro 6
Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Berths: Two
Approx. overall length: 7490mm
Approx. overall width: 2300mm
Approx. overall height: 2950mm
Tanks: 120L fresh, 90L grey
Gas: 2x 9kg
GVM: 3850kg
Price as reviewed: $162,900 incl. GST and on-road costs

Storage -10


  • The interior decor. Spacious and refreshing.
  • The bathroom. Compact but can expand when necessary.
  • The rear garage. Large but can be larger when necessary.


  • Bench space is limited 

Burstner Lyseo T734 price

As reviewed, the Lyseo T734 retails for $162,900, including GST and on-road costs. 

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