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Insurance: Get the best inside-out protection for your RV

If you own, or are about to own, a motorhome, caravan, fifth wheeler, converted bus, camper van or pop-top, and you want the best protection possible, then speak to Star CamperCare. Because choosing the wrong insurance company can be more damaging than having an accident. Who you go with is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly.

As New Zealand’s leading RV insurance specialist they provide peace of mind to RV owners who want easy-to-understand policies that do what they say. Their experienced specialist team works hard to provide ultimate care and protection for your RV whilst reducing stress and minimising financial risk.

Nobody comes close to their attention to detail or extensive coverage that comes standard with their comprehensive RV insurance policies. They know what RV owners want and enjoy in a policy, and that’s what they provide.

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Star CamperCare is completely focused on positive customer outcomes, and that includes claims. Vero Insurance backs all of their policies, but every aspect of your policy, including policy wording, customer service and claims, are all authorised and handled in-house at Star CamperCare’s offices in Auckland. This means their team is completely empowered to give you the best service possible in the least amount of time. There’s no waiting on a third party to get the result you’re after. You only deal with the one company during the entire process, which is important when you are stressed and concerned about a claim.

Better still, their 100% New Zealand-based customer service team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7-days a week to help you with breakdowns, answer your questions and assist with any insurance claims.

Star CamperCare’s job is to provide certainty to their customers. As a motorhome and caravan insurance specialist with in-depth industry and RV knowledge, they can quickly understand each of their customers’ specific needs and tailor a solution to provide complete confidence in your insurance when exploring New Zealand.

All policies include a free basic membership to Journey on Roadside Assistance, which provides you with nationwide, 24/7 breakdown cover so you’ll never be far from help when you need it. Beyond the free service there are four different levels of upgrades, which can come in handy if you own a large RV like a house bus. If one of these breaks down it’s a lot of money to get a specialised tow truck out that’s big enough to get you to safety.

Star CamperCare policies cover a lot more of your property than others, without charging extra.

Here are a few of their policy benefits*:

  • NZ's leading and largest RV Insurance Specialist
  • Policies cover everything inside your RV, not just its body or fixtures and fittings
  • Your policy is tailored to suit your unique needs
  • They care about positive outcomes for their customers
  • They handle all claims and customer service in-house
  • Customisable cover for each individual
  • Crystal clear policy documents
  • Comprehensive RV cover
  • Cleaning costs after a break-in
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Park cancellation fees
  • Total loss replacement
  • Agreed value for 3 or 5-years
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Choose your repairer
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance with upgrade options available
  • No excess on glass claims
  • No claims bonus protection for life
  • Cover for incorrect fuelling
  • Personalised Plate cover
  • Storage and restoration cover options
  • Generators and Awnings are automatically covered
  • $3,000 personal contents cover, which can be increased.

* Limits, conditions and exclusions apply. The above is only an outline.

What to expect when you call Star CamperCare

First, they recognise you are an individual and not a sheep. You didn’t get into freedom camping to follow others. You like making your own decisions with nobody tells you what to do. So you definitely won’t be lost in corporate speak or planet automation. They’re on your page.

They’ll ask you some basic questions around your policy’s intentions. For instance:

  • Will you be living in your RV?
  • What is its value?
  • Have you had any accidents or claims in last 5-years?
  • Has your licence ever been suspended or cancelled?
  • Will anyone under 25-years of age drive your RV?
  • Do you/they hold a NZ Drivers Licence?
  • Has any other insurance company cancelled or refused to renew your policy in the past 5-years?.
  • Do you have any criminal convictions or pending prosecutions?

More detail equals a better policy

The above are all standard questions that everyone asks. And that’s pretty much where most other insurance providers stop and provide you with your system generated quote. Star CamperCare goes further. They recognises that it’s YOUR policy and that they need to accommodate your needs. They want to know what you want in your policy. Is there anything missing that you absolutely want included? With a few more probing questions and transparent answers, they can provide you with the best policy for your specific needs.

Your RV’s value, location and excess levels affect premiums

Buying insurance is about having a level of confidence over what will be paid should you have an accident or experience a total loss. Star CamperCare offers an Agreed Value for 5-years if you purchased your motorhome brand new from a licensed dealer, and Agreed Value for 3-years for second-hand vehicles purchased from a licensed dealer.

After that initial 3 to 5-year period is up, you can get an updated valuation and they will agree on the insurance value again. RVs purchased privately are covered on a Market Value basis, but if you get a valuation from a licensed motorhome/caravan dealer then Agreed Value cover can be arranged.

If you purchased your motorhome some time ago, Star CamperCare will also soon be able to provide you with a valuation, which you request online. You simply upload photos of the vehicle, complete a form, pay a fee and the valuation will be emailed to you. If you agree with it, Star CamperCare will provide you with an agreed value policy based on this valuation.

Premiums are calculated on a number of factors including the value, age, location and use of your vehicle; and previous driving and claims history, along with various inclusions you want in your policy. And your premium can rise or fall depending on the excess level you choose for your policy. Then of course, the government charges GST, a Fire Service Levy, and at present (until its removal in 2019), an Earthquake Insurance levy (on the contents portion of your insurance policy) which are added to the cost of your insurance. Not unlike petrol tax, these parts of your policy fee are paid to the government by your insurance company. You might need to ensure your insurance company pays the correct amount to the government, as there are penalties for underpayment, in which case government comes directly to you, the policyholder, to pay.

Taking the time to create the right insurance policy benefits you

Once you’ve checked your options, you’ll see why Star CamperCare is NZ’s leading RV insurance provider. They’ll explain what is covered in their quote and the benefits of their policy. They’ll let you know what their expectations are of you and why. They believe in full transparency both ways so that there are no surprises come claims time.

At this point you should ask any questions if you might have. If they’ve satisfied your needs and all looks good.

If you purchased your policy from a Star Campercare authorised dealer, you’ll be issued with a temporary cover note before your policy documentation is sent to you, at which point you arrange payment, either monthly, or with three equal monthly payments (at no additional cost), or annually. If paying monthly, additional administration fees are charged. So a single, full payment is always the cheapest option.

If you purchased your policy from Star CamperCare everything is completed over the phone. They’ll then immediately issue and email your insurance policy to you along with payment options. Your insurance policy start date can be in the future, in cases where you collect your vehicle the following weekend, or to coincide with the expiry of your previous insurance policy.

You can pay by cheque, cash, bank deposit and credit card with no additional fees that other companies may add for credit card use.

Their policies are easy to understand and they’re happy to explain anything to you. It’s about protecting your interests upfront, so that claims run smoothly. You also have a 30-day free look period. If after reading their easy-to-understand policy documentation you don’t like what you see, you can either ask for an amendment or cancel the policy and any premium paid will be reimbursed -- as long as there have been no claims made within that 30 days.

A note on renewals

You’ve probably heard they saying that “it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than get new customers.” Renewals are a prime example of this but another example where Star CamperCare excels at customer service and doesn’t take you for granted. Instead of simply issuing your renewal documentation automatically, they manually review each policy before their terms are issued. This ensures they revisit the policy personally to ensure that your risk is rated correctly. For instance:

  • has the location of the vehicle changed? Some regions have higher premiums than others.
  • has the sum insured changed? You don’t want to pay for more insurance than your vehicle is worth. Visiting TradeMe, or contacting your local RV dealer should provide you with a good indication of your vehicle’s current market value.
  • Has the type of cover required changed? For instance, has somebody under 25-years of age started driving it? 

Some historic information may no longer be relevant, and new information might be, so renewal time is a good time to give your policy the once-over with them.

Start your journey with Star CamperCare

Star CamperCare insurance is sold through Insurance Brokers, Caravan & Motorhome Dealers and directly from Star CamperCare. The same base prices are quoted wherever you buy their insurance from.

Star CamperCare is part of Star Insurance Specialists. As niche vehicle insurance specialists, they create extraordinary policies for Kiwis with exceptional vehicles. You can learn by visiting to view their full specialist insurance offering or call 0800 250 600.

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