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Insurance - Insuring your motorhome or caravan

As with your car, home and contents, you'll want to insure your motorhome or caravan.

Camper Care a specialist Motorhome and Caravan insurer developed its policies by reviewing what is available in NZ, along with motorhome polices in Australia and the UK. They offer cover for damage to your vehicle with added benefits such as automatic contents cover, agreed value, fixtures and fittings, generator and awning cover and a 24hr claims assistance not to mention 24hr Roadside Assistance.

caravan smash

Covi Insurance  provides cover specifically designed to insure motorhomes and caravans in New Zealand, or in transit by sea between New Zealand ports, a converted van or bus, as well as a traditional motorhome where the body is mounted on a cab/chassis unit. In general terms, the fixtures, fittings and accessories associated with the interior of the motorhome can also be covered in this policy.

In New Zealand, AA Insurance and AMI Insurance  are prepared to quote on a proposal. These companies don't have a policy document drawn up specifically for motorhomes.

State Insurance has a specific policy. Other companies may insure your RV if you have other policies with them.


If you intend living in your vehicle  for an extended length of time (or permanently) it may affect your cover and should be discussed with your insurance company. Make sure you also discuss insurance for personal effects. Most policies state that the vehicle is insured when used for social/domestic/pleasure purposes only.


Driver history has the largest single influence on how much premium you will pay. A good driver history can earn you up to 65% discount on the full premium rate. However, it's the small print that usually determines which policy gives you the biggest bang for your buck.


The final decision as to which policy you choose is likely to depend on which one has the benefit list that suits you best, rather than the one with the policy with lowest annual premium.


Benefits may include: accessories cover, legal costs, alternative transport, electrical failure, riot/civil unrest cover, transport costs, accommodation costs, travel expenses, builders risk, trailer cover, accidental death benefit, keys and locks, weight damage, towing and salvage after an accident, towing after mechanical breakdown.

Each insurance company will have its own list of benefits in their policies. Usually, the better the list of benefits, the higher the annual premium.


Other stuff

  • A motorhome insurance policy does not usually cover the personal effects of the vehicle's occupants  if they are in the vehicle and are lost or damaged as a result of the event for which you are making a claim. Items such as clothes, iPods, make-up, cameras etc, need separate insurance cover. This may be an extension to your vehicle policy, but is more likely to be a separate policy.
  • If you have comprehensive contents insurance at home, this policy might cover personal items while you're on the road. Read the fine print in your policy and if in doubt, contact the insurance company.
  • Motorhome insurance policy does not cover mechanical breakdown. Breakdown insurance is a specialist area and there are policies to cover it.

Always read the policy carefully and seek the answers to any questions that arise from your broker or insurance agent.