Perfect at the end of a meal, or to wrap your hands around when you’re outside as evening cools down, the best Irish coffee uses proper coffee (not instant!), and really good Irish whiskey.
Make the most of fresh basil while it’s still in season with this tasty gimlet. Basil, sugar, citrus and gin is a wickedly delicious combination; this recipe works really well with flavoured gins like pineapple or citrus gins.
Technically a Cuban drink rather than Irish, a good mojito is pretty, tasty and definitely ticks the ‘green’ box for your St Patrick's Day celebrations!
St Patrick's Day, on Thursday 17 March, is the ultimate annual celebration of Irish culture. The Irish are well known for their love of a great time, so we’re raising a glass to them this month with these cocktails designed especially with the Emerald Isle in mind.
It’s hard to beat this cranberry-based cocktail after a day at the beach. However you like your Breeze, make sure you serve it with lots of ice!
Pretty, sparkly and ever so tasty, this delightful combination will be just the job if you need a bit of a spritz yourself!
This is a gorgeous version of the classic martini that’s perfect for rocking out when you’re after a little appetiser.
Is there anything more refreshing than watermelon on a hot day? Traditional Spanish Sangria is made with red wine, fresh fruit and juices; we’ve just mixed it up a bit by using seasonal watermelon.
Brazil’s national drink is a great way to get any party started! The original recipe uses cachaça (a sugarcane-based alcohol), but white rum like Bacardi works as a great substitute.
You’re probably used to the classic Moscow Mule; this is pretty much the same thing, except with whiskey instead of the traditional vodka. Technically served in a copper mug, but no-one will judge if you’re giving them a tasty Irish cocktail! 
A refreshing gin and grapefruit drink that is named because of its salt rim. Without the salt, this drink is called a greyhound. You can substitute vodka if you don’t have gin to hand.