Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review

By: Bill Savidan

Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review
Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review
Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review
Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review
Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review Burstner Viseo i690G motorhome review

Bill Savidan finds the latest A-class offering from Bürstner a class above, without the price tag of an elite vehicle.

A-class motorhomes are the cream of the motorhome crop. They tend to be ‘big and expensive’. Not any more though – Bürstner’s newest offering, the Viseo i690G, is shorter than most other A-class motorhomes and comes without an elite-class price tag.

Known in Europe as ‘integrated motorhomes’ (because the cab is an integral part of the bodywork of the motorhome), their bodywork, from front bumper to back bumper, is built by the motorhome builder. This allows the designer more freedom to arrange the interior layout without being constrained by the need to blend the motorhome body into the vehicle cab.

In the Viseo i690, this results in a seamless transition between the cab and the living space, creating a wonderful sense of spaciousness with panoramic views through the cab windscreen and side windows.

The model reviewed, supplied by the New Zealand Bürstner agents SmartRV, is powered by the Mjet Maxi 109kW (148hp) 2.3-litre turbo diesel engine driving the front wheels through Fiat’s six-speed automatic ATM gearbox.

The main external feature on the Viseo i690G is the very large rear garage, tall enough to carry a standing pushbike that can be secured to tie down lugs on rails running the full width of the garage. Access is gained through doors on either side of the vehicle. The water pump is mounted in a recess in the garage making it easily accessible for servicing.

The cab

Integrating the cab with the body certainly makes the front half of the Viseo’s interior look huge. Mostly the extra space comes from carrying the body width and height forward to the dashboard and the rest is illusory, created by the panoramic windscreen and side windows. The net effect makes the Viseo i690G appear to be a lot bigger than its actual length of 6.96 metres.

Although the cab is Bürstner-built, Fiat features still apply: cab air-con, cruise control, electrically adjusted and heated rear mirrors, twin airbags, as well as ABS and ESP with hill hold and traction control.

Regular Fiat cab seats, upholstered to match the dinette cushions are fitted on a flat floor with no foot-wells, making it much easier to walk around them. And although there is no dedicated driver’s door there is a cab passenger door.

Inside the i690G

The Viseo i690G epitomises modern sophisticated European interior design. The cabinet laminate is cocoa-toned ‘aceto’ with bench and table tops, drawer fronts and doors in ivory, matching the Bianca faux leather cushion upholstery. Plump soft ascot fabric-covered cushions that unzip for cleaning adorn the backrests of the dinette seats.

The Viseo i690G has twin beds at the rear, matched with a dinette at the front, and the kitchen and bathroom located amidships between them.


During the day the bedroom is a cheerful place, with light pouring in the side windows and roof hatch. Whether reading or snoozing, it is a nice place to be. At night with blinds drawn and the privacy curtain between the bedroom and kitchen pulled across, the clever use of LED direct and indirect lighting creates a sense of comfort, a place to recharge your batteries.

Because the beds are above the garage they sit higher than normal. This extra height allows room for a wardrobe under the foot of each bed and, along with the three lockers over the bed, there is more than enough storage for things that fold and those that don’t.

In true European fashion, the kitchen is compact and the bench space limited, but a small extension flap helps a little. Three gas hobs and the sink nestles into a stainless steel surround set into the bench top, covered with a two-piece glass top. With careful organisation there is sufficient space for meal preparation.

The ‘designer’ washroom comes complete with timber wall cabinet, hand basin with mirror above, cupboards below and toilet alongside. Undo the retaining clip by the mirror and the whole mirror/vanity wall swings to one side closing off the toilet to reveal an impressively large, fully lined and equipped shower stall.

The verdict

This Viseo i690G is an impressive piece of kit. Wherever you look you see features that confirm Bürstner has thought long and hard about how to build a motorhome, what to put in it and where it goes.

The Viseo i690G, as reviewed, retails for $162,500 including GST and on-road costs. For more information, call 0800 891 305.


  • The large garage
  • The twin single bedroom – a lovely retreat, day or night
  • The drop-down bed


  • None

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