Young Kiwis drive change

The Tiaki Promise has a set of guiding principles for visitors to follow, showing them how to contribute to preserving and protecting our land

Young New Zealanders are the stars of a new campaign that encourages all to protect New Zealand for future generations. The new ‘Tiaki’ summer campaign follows the launch of ‘Tiaki — Care for New Zealand’ in November 2018. 


New Zealand has species and landscapes that are found nowhere else on Earth. In the campaign, Kiwi kids ask New Zealanders and visitors to stand behind the principles of Tiaki and act as proud guardians while they travel the country.

By promoting responsible visitor behaviour, Tiaki doesn’t just grow protection and care for Aotearoa, it also fosters and preserves the welcoming, safe and spectacular experiences and manaakitanga, or hospitality, for which New Zealand is famous.

While most visitors care about the environment, everyone has a different understanding of what it means to look after a place. Through the voice of young Kiwis, the new campaign helps visitors understand how they can travel responsibly when in New Zealand.

It brings to life the five elements that make up the Tiaki Promise: Protect Nature, Keep NZ Clean, Drive Carefully, Be Prepared and Show Respect. Tiaki has had a fantastic start with worldwide coverage, millions of views and hundreds of New Zealand operators picking it up and sharing it with visitors. 

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