Sunliner RV returning 'home' to New Zealand

Sunliner RV is excited to announce that in March 2015 the Sunliner range of premium motorhomes, campervans and fifth-wheelers will once again be on sale in New Zealand.

This marks a return home for this Australian RV manufacturer with strong Kiwi roots.

Sunliner RV managing director Nick Hunter commented: "Sunliner has more than a little Kiwi blood running in its veins. My Mum and Dad are both from the Bay of Plenty and started Sunliner over 40 years ago. They travelled to Melbourne on a working holiday, saw an opportunity to build beautiful RVs and ended up staying.

"Sunliner RVs might be Australian-made but there is still a lot of New Zealand heritage built into every one."

Sunliner is relaunching itself back into the New Zealand market after taking a two-year break. "In the 2012 the Australian/New Zealand exchange rates made it challenging for us to do business in New Zealand. But we always knew we would be back, we have so many loyal Sunliner customers here," says Nick.

Three local dealers have been appointed to retail the range. Auckland Motorhomes will service the North and Freedom RV from Christchurch will be taking care of the South. On the Way RV in Mount Maunganui will be the exclusive fifth-wheeler-dealer, rounding out the Sunliner RV sales network.

Auckland Motorhomes principal dealer Dan Monk added: "We hope the New Zealand market is going to fall in love with these new vehicles. They are not only functional and beautiful high quality RVs, they are also tough and really built to withstand our unique conditions and roads. Their quality and strength is tangible."

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