Drunken Strawberries with Vanilla

This after-dinner recipe makes the most of our succulent strawberries. If you’re going out for the day, put the strawberries in the alcohol mix before you leave, for a delicious dessert that’s ready in minutes.


Ready in 60 Mins


  • 1 punnet fresh strawberries
  • 150ml gin
    150ml rosé wine
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 3 drops vanilla extract
  • 600g vanilla custard
  • Mint sprig, to garnish


  1. Cut strawberries into halves or quarters and place into a sealable bag or container.
  2. Pour gin and rosé wine over strawberries, add sugar and vanilla extract, and mix gently to ensure strawberries are fully soaked. Refrigerate for at least an hour.
  3. When ready to serve, place a generous spoonful of custard at the bottom of a glass. Spoon the strawberries over the top, making sure there’s plenty of the liquid in the glass.
  4. Top with custard, garnish with half a strawberry and a mint sprig and serve. 


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