New Bailey Rangefinder models arrive in NZ

Rangefinder has been growing in dominance in New Zealand since 2015, and with the recent announcement of TrailLite as the new sole retailer of the product, it’s set to become one of the biggest caravan brands in the country.


While TrailLite has been successfully connecting customers with their dream Bailey Australia/Rangefinder caravan since 2015, this change gives the company the ability to showcase and develop the product in New Zealand like one of its own.

After visiting the factory in Melbourne, Australia, TrailLite marketing manager Ashlee Rose was impressed by the sophistication, quality, and product design technology that goes into each Bailey Australia caravan.

“So many unique features and benefits of the product really stood out to me, and I’m excited to be able to share more of these with potential owners and really contribute to how Bailey Rangefinder and Bailey Coastal caravans are seen here.

“Most of these features are relatively unknown to the New Zealand market despite being hugely important to caravan owners exploring our roads and terrain.

TrailLite, who have manufactured caravans for more than 60 years, knows a lot about what it takes for caravans to be well suited to New Zealand conditions, including some of the more important features and benefits.


“Some of the things that really appeal to me are that they are nearly 500kg lighter than any comparable brand on the market meaning more fuel efficiency for your tow vehicle. In a time where fuel prices are skyrocketing, the total cost of ownership is an important consideration.”

“Not only that but they are also the only Australian manufacturer that has undergone accelerated life testing on their caravans. As part of their product design, they put the caravan through the testing station in Geelong, which accelerates its life to 100,000km.

Taking the caravan over roads not only those likely to be driven in Australia but also the gravel, undulating, rough, and curvy roads you’ll like come across in New Zealand. Peace of mind that your product will still be looking and towing great after 100,000km.”

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