Increase in international tourists in NZ

Stats NZ’s recently released data indicates an increase in the number of international tourists in New Zealand. Nearly 2 million holidaymakers visited the country in 2017, up 7.5% on the previous year. Australia, China, and the US remain the biggest visitor markets.

This rise in tourism has helped in growing the domestic economy. International visitors spend locally as they travel, purchasing meals, renting cars, and visiting museums, which helps communities to grow.

International -tourists -NZ

“International visitors are spending around $40 million every day, and this is delivering significant benefits to communities across New Zealand,” Tourism chief executive Stephen England-Hall says.

Tourism also provides significant employment, with one in seven people directly employed in the industry.

“A whopping 27% of employment in the Kaikoura district relies on tourism and tourism spend is now driving a number of community’s economies,” Stephen says.

Data shows that visitors are continue to rate New Zealand highly as a destination.

“A huge part of that great experience comes down to Kiwi hospitality, manaakitanga—the reputation we have as a warm and welcoming country. Something that is only possible with the continued support of New Zealanders.

“It is also very reliant on the industry continuing to provide a fantastic experience, and one of the ways we assist with this is by sharing a range of consumer insights to help them meet the needs of visiting and grow their business.”

Source:Tourism NZ

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