MCD Pets September Caravan Cat and Water Baby

NZMCD editor Claire Smith’s water baby


MCD editor Claire Smith’s dog Charlie loves nothing more than to head off on a road trip, especially if it involves a beach or forest walk (preferably with some muddy puddles that need investigating!).

Charlie just turned three-years-old, but she still acts like a three-month-old, which means she’s always got energy to burn! And being a Labrador-cross, Charlie loves anything to do with the water and her favourite event of the year is when local pool opens up for a doggy swim day. She gets to mingle with other water-mad dogs, chase hundreds of tennis balls, splash to her heart’s content, then go home for a well-earned sleep.

Claire’s travel tip: We always take a bottle of water and bowl for Charlie even on short trips to the park. Being a black dog, she gets hot very quickly, so keeping her cool is a priority when we travel.

Reader Dan's caravan cat


Dan has been living on the road permanently for almost a year. He shares his 21-foot Luna Lexon caravan with his eight-year-old cat, Abby. An independent wee Miss, when settling in at a new place, Abby either likes it or she doesn’t.

“Some places she’s off outside in seconds and is very happy, other places she barely leaves the caravan. It changes every place we go,” Dan says. “She goes out a lot more in summer than in the winter months, but she always enjoys our evening walk together and trots along happily after me.”

Dan’s travel tip: When asked for his top tip for living harmoniously on the road with a cat, Dan doesn’t hesitate: “Get a cat flap!”

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