The best motorhomes and caravans of 2015

In the latest issue (#137) we wrap up the best tests of the year, with personal faves from Jill, Bill, Cameron and Peta. These were their picks for the best motorhomes and caravans in 2015 (in no particular order).

Best motorhomes

Allisee Supremacy

”As far as new models for 2015 go, the best may have been saved for last. The Supremacy is an extremely well-thought-out motorhome that features the space and technology to provide years of contented recreational motoring. More than that, it’s the best motorhome I have seen this year.” – Cam

Swift Kon-tiki

”I give in. In the past I have not been seduced by luxury vehicles, because, if I am completely honest, the vehicles which impress me most are those in which I could see myself investing. I have a peasant heart, but this year decided I would go with the flow a bit more. Of the motorhomes I tested this year, the numerous layouts of the Swift Kon-tiki captivated me, and, if money was no object, I’d definitely choose the Kon-tiki, and live like a queen on the road.” – Peta

Bestof 2015_1

Sunliner Holiday 533

“Between fixtures, furnishings and floor plans, the Sunliner Holiday 533 (above) from Auckland Motorhomes really impressed with a fully customisable menu for prospective owners to draw from. Plenty of occupant space, generous onboard storage solutions, and a powerful, robust Iveco Daily 50C17 chassis seal the deal. What a great all-rounder from this Aussie manufacturer, which creates motorhomes for our kind of conditions.” – Cam

KEA Breeze

“From the outside, I liked the low-profile of this compact motorhome built by THL. Inside, it has a well-proportioned layout that fits a lot of facilities into a motorhome that is just over six-metres-long. The simplicity of the no-frills but very workable interior appealed to me. The drop-down bed over the U-shaped lounge is a great idea. It’s unobtrusive when raised, easy to operate, and can be left made up. The Breeze is built for KEA’s rental fleet but I could see myself feeling very much at home in one of these.” – Jill

Bestof 2015_3

Dethleffs Advantage i7051 DBM

“The Dethleffs Advantage i7051 is a four-berth with an island bed aft, a drop-down bed up front and some innovative features in-between. Its A-class body (see above) includes a huge windscreen that provides stunning views through the panoramic windscreen topped off with a bed that lowers down over the cab seats while hiding unobtrusively in the ceiling when not in use.

“Lower rear chassis extensions means a lower floor in the rear garage and greater locker height. The space-saving innovation in the shower works well, allowing all the convenience of an island bed within a 7.35-metre overall length.” – Bill

Best caravans

Swift Challenger Sport 586

“When I saw this on the lot at Iconic Motorhomes in Christchurch, I thought that for my taste this would be the ultimate family caravan. I loved the rear bunks and convertible second lounge. I think it has some of the smartest design features around and is well-priced to meet the market.” – Peta

Bestof 2015_4

Alize Sterckeman Concept

“This trendy seven-metre caravan has a pleasing profile from the outside, and inside there are many features in its favour. The Alize Sterckeman's U-shaped lounge always wins me over and this one is very comfortable. The kitchen bench space is adequate for a two-person caravan of this size and the ablutions department, with the toilet/shower separate from the handbasin is a very workable arrangement. Although the bed is in-between the exterior and bathroom walls, it’s wide and doesn’t have a cut-off corner.” – Jill

Elddis Caravan

“For the second year running, the Elddis came out on top. I love the light airy feel, the level of appointment throughout; and the fact these vehicles are truly affordable and can be towed by the family car. I love them all, but ultimately would choose the island bed Crusader Storm.” – Peta

Bestof 2015_6

Caravelair Allegra 390

“The best things in life come in small packages. The Allegra 390 is one such efficiently compact package with a bathroom tucked into the rear corner, a queen bed across one end, a lounge/dinette at the other end and kitchen in-between.

“French-built, the Caravelair Allegra 390 is a delightful caravan. Fitted with a full-sized awning, it will comfortably house mum, dad and a couple of kids in a campground over the summer holidays. Ideal caravan for touring too, it can be towed by medium-sized sedans like a VW Golf or Ford Focus.” – Bill

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