Apollo Talvor refurbished motorhome review

I’m in Blenheim to test a new-to-you Talvor and I think it’s staggering value even before I discover it’s not a four-berth, but capable of safely seating and bedding six people. I’m even more blown away than before.

The fact is, anyone wanting to get on board and enjoy the RV lifestyle this summer is going to be fairly pleased that deals like this, of made-over ex-rental vehicles, are still around. If you’re in the market for a used RV to get a leg in, this could be the one you’re looking for.

And you’ll be very impressed by the checklist of refurbishments and replacements this ex-Apollo rentals vehicle has received from the folks at DeLuxe Automotive to bring it back up to scratch and offer you peace of mind. If you have already guessed that I am about to give this vehicle a great report card, you’d be right and you can save time reading and get on the phone right now.

There’s quite simply nothing to complain about. If I was being picky I might say the rust and green combo interior is a little outdated, but that would be churlish of me because you get what you pay for. And 2015 does not go into 2010, if you get my drift. You’re simply not going to get buff leather and the latest neutral tones in a vehicle with a few years on the clock.

What you will get is great bang for your buck. First of all the nuts and bolts: your 2010 Ford Transit turbo diesel comes with complete service history. Theoretically there should be nothing for you to do to a vehicle which has had a complete before sales overhaul with each vehicle running up a refurbishment bill of around $8000 (roughly 60 hours) before it goes on the market.

The buff and polished exterior includes some chrome wheel trims that took my fancy, but after establishing the soundness of the engine, it was inside which counted the most to me.

A great deal of obvious cleaning and repairing has been done. All bench tops, sinks and tables have been redone or replaced. Rubber docks on all doors are checked and adjusted and replaced. And I can tell you from personal experience that an ex-rental from Deluxe is the quietest vehicle we have ever taken on the road. The team pride themselves on ensuring their vehicles are squeak- and rattle-free.


Back to that refurbishment list, which in no particular order includes new vents in the air conditioning, as well as re-stitched and refurbished curtains and squabs. The team will do whatever is needed and they can also undertake on your behalf any other work you may require, including fitting extras, like a bike rack or diesel heater.

One of the first things you will undoubtedly notice is this vehicle has masses of storage. You will immediately see how easily it would absorb a family.

And it’s very functional. Yes, there’s lots of bench space, and well-placed lights, two skylights and big, big windows drench the interior with light. I was a total fan of the generous U-shaped lounge.

The galley is a real winner. Not only does it have lots of all-important bench space for meal preparation, it has power points above and below the bench, a gas oven and 110-litre 12-volt ’fridge and a microwave. It also has a low profile extractor fan. In short, it’s the sort of galley setup you hope for and seldom find. And the vehicle is off-road capable with 90 litres each of fresh and grey water.

And yes it has curtains, blind and fly screens – and not one, but two tables, so the kids can be finishing up their projects while you’re getting ready for dinner.

Bedding them down for the night will be a breeze with several exciting options from the over cab double, to the fold-down table and the rear lounge (which I am picking will be the adult haven).

Do I love it? You bet I do. This vehicle offers incredible value in an entry level family vehicle and the hard-working team at DeLuxe will ensure that you get on the road with great peace of mind.

2010 six-berth Ford Transit – Talvor, 2010 – DRO6589 motorhome. As reviewed: $89,990.

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