What drives you drives star insurance specialists

When Star launched, they didn’t want to be just another insurance provider, but instead, a specialist who truly understood the vehicles and the needs of the people who owned those vehicles.


This was easy because the team at Star owned the types of vehicles that they would end up insuring. So the starting point for them was answering the question: What do we want to see in a motorhome insurance policy?

They then set about writing everything into the policies that they expected to see as a customer, who ultimately drives their every decision. They then researched the market and discovered a lot of confusing policy documents with many variables and even more policy restrictions.

Why would insurance providers make things difficult by adding unnecessary restrictions? This made no sense to Star, who then did the exact opposite and added more policy benefits for free. They then made their policy terms and conditions easy to understand, so their customers knew what they were getting. 

Star’s policy inclusions went far beyond what other insurance providers were offering (the same holds today), and it’s just one reason why Star CamperCare is New Zealand’s leading RV insurance policy. Something else they noticed in their initial marketplace research was how many different parties had a stake in the customer’s policy, especially at claims time when many companies or “insurers” have to defer to a third party to handle the claim.

Waiting on a third party to decide whether your claim is approved, or not, is a stressful experience, as that company has no insight into you as a customer. Everything is black and white, but life’s just not like that.

In addition to their bespoke insurance policies, Star also handle, manage and settle all of their claims in-house. If you’ve ever made a claim, you will know this is a huge time and stress-saver, as you only deal with one team who respond quickly. They even have four specialist assessors who speed up the process and supervise all their repairs.

Star Insurance Specialists get to know their customers more intimately than the standard insurance provider, who treats you like an average, and then bills you accordingly. One reason why Star celebrates competition is that it keeps everybody honest and gives customers options to make informed decisions.

With every quote request Star receives, behind the scenes there is a specialist who personally reviews all the information in your application, treating you like a unique individual. That way, your policy will perfectly fit your needs. Speaking of quotes, Star has a great online quote system.

It even pre-populates some of the information you enter, thanks to Star being linked to NZTA’s website in the background. Once Star receives your application, they work out the best options for your needs. You’re then emailed a link where you can view your quotes and even choose optional add-ons and upgrades.

Then you can pay for your policy online without any additional card charges or by other means presented to you during this process. When purchasing online, you can select the start date (say 30 days from now), which is handy if you’re changing from another insurance provider and want to align your policy payment dates.

You can also choose monthly or annual payments. If you don’t like filling out forms, Star can do everything over the phone. If you’re not experiencing this level of service from your existing insurance provider, you have nothing to lose by getting a quote online from Star now.

When you want the best policy for your unique needs, visit starinsure.co.nz or
call 0800 260 500.

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