The myth of changing satellite TV busted

There has been a misconception in the RV industry regarding the future of satellite television in New Zealand, its short-term transmission capability, and the ability of certain dishes to receive the satellite signal in the future.

RSE---Satellite -story

“After confirmation from Optus Australia, Freeview, and Sky, there is to be no change of transmission in New Zealand for satellite television,” Daryl Muir of RSE says. 

“The OPTUS D1 (used by Freeview and Sky for transmission in New Zealand) will continue to be the transmission vehicle for the foreseeable future.

"The OPTUS D1 was launched in 2006 and has a minimum 16-year life expectancy. Therefore, there are no changes expected and its replacement has yet to be announced. With regards to the actual transmission itself, there are no changes to the Freeview transmission.

“Freeview will continue to operate on the DVB-S MHEG2 format for the foreseeable future. Sky will continue to transmit both DVB-S and DVBS-2 (high-definition) television and they will continue to expand on the channels available on the high-definition format in 2019.

“Therefore, there is no requirement to change any existing dish systems currently in use or for those potential purchases in the future.

"Satellite TV reception for the motorhome/caravan market in New Zealand is simply business as usual. Along with OPTUS Australia, Freeview, and Sky, we trust this information clears up any misunderstanding that may be currently circulating.”

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