Regular contributors Jill Malcolm and her husband Bill Savidan are seasoned motorhomers. In this issue, Jill shares their RV ownership journey, from their 1970s Anglo caravan to their most recent purchase, a 2003 motorhome made in New Zealand.
Jackie Norman sold her home in 2016, bought a motorhome and embarked full-time on the road with husband Gareth. Concerned by the litter damaging the environment, they found that small measures can add up to a big difference.
When Pam Bolton’s husband died before they could realise their dream of owning an RV, she opted to forge ahead solo. She tells Jill Malcolm how she chose her van, and what she’s loving so far.
TrailLite is a New Zealand success story. Established in the 1950s, the Pukekohe-based manufacturer is well known for its luxury RVs. Jill Malcolm met with TrailLite’s Peter Newman to delve into the history of this iconic brand
After travelling extensively by RV overseas, Jan and Chris Lawrance realised that going back to a house wasn’t for them. They tell MCD editor Claire Smith about the highs and lows of living permanently on the road
All work, little play, and scant chance of home ownership on the horizon – for youngnKiwis, the future can seem a tad lacking in security, never mind fun. Which is whynone 26-year-old has decided to put herself – quite literally – in the driver’s seat.nShe tells Maria Hoyle about the tiny motorhome that’s changed her life