After years of professionally repairing and refurbishing other people’s caravans, Bryan Rusbatch decided to pour his accumulated knowledge into the design and build of a unique caravan. So unique, in fact, Unique Caravans was the name he chose for the design.
Rick Boyd and his partner Dave Jetts chanced into refurbishing vintage ’vans for a living more than a decade ago. Rick tells the story of their Northland company, Retro Caravans Northland Ltd.
When faced with a lack of availability, Frank and Dale Appleton decided to build their own Teardrop Camper and have travelled many an incredible mile since.
Three generations of the Croot family have been manufacturing Gipsy Caravans in Levin since 1951. Peta Stavelli talks to Robin Croot, who survived the storms of the ’70s and built a thriving business over a 40-year career.
If you do what you love, you’ll love what you do. At home or work, Peter Bunting is happiest when he’s turning trash into treasure. His weekend wagon is a glowing testament to the craft.