nzmcd book reviews june 2021

Book Reviews June 2021

nzmcd book reviews 2021


Dr Doug Wilson


RRP $39.95

Age is not just about longevity. It is about the art of living well, making the most of the time we have, and finding ways to enhance our happiness and sense of fulfilment. The years after the age of 50 are often seen as a time of decline, but they certainly don’t have to be. You can live a fit, healthy, happy and vibrant life as you age – if you know how. In Ageing Well Dr Doug Wilson explains what may hinder and what may help your enjoyment of life as you grow older. This highly readable, best-advice guide provides a clear path through the minefield of information on ageing. Wide-ranging topics cover the science of ageing; social and psychological issues; the health challenges we are likely to face and how best to manage them; and the fundamental changes in lifestyle that have been shown to improve the enjoyment of later life.


nzmcd book reviews 2021


Natalie Tolhopf

Imperfect Action

RRP $27

Whangaparaoa business coach Natalie Tolhopf left her well-paid corporate job to start up a coaching business five years ago, and she has now penned the guide for modern, high-achieving women in business. In Allergic to Perfect, ex-chef Natalie details her journey through two failed ventures, a bout of burnout and Bell’s palsy, and her emergence out the other side to run a six-figure company. Natalie says she first had to stop comparing herself to other people’s social media posts, and then put one foot in front of the other with ‘imperfect action’. “We all do it, all day. We scroll social media and look at the highlight reels of other people’s lives. It’s not real but we compare ourselves to it and it immobilises us. It’s not just in business either, but in life.” She says she had to learn how to drop her perfectionism, trust her intuition, let go of self-sabotage and step into self-belief.

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nzmcd book reviews 2021


Julia Donaldson

Illustrations by Sharon King-Chai


RRP $29.99

Can you count how many kittens Leopard might have pouncing and playing in the jungle, or how many tadpoles are wriggling in the pond? With bright, beautiful artwork and a fabulous array of animals and their babies to marvel at, this is a gorgeous book to treasure and read over and over again. Every page draws you further into the vibrant animal kingdom, with flying bats, frolicking fox cubs and jumping Arctic hares, inviting children to compare animals, explore their habitats and learn the proper baby names for each creature as they count. Sharon King-Chai’s colourful illustrations and the cleverly designed pages makes Counting Creatures a rich delight, while Julia Donaldson’s signature rhymes are a pleasure to read aloud. A fun and visually stunning interactive book with peep-through pages and fold-out flaps – littlies will love it.


nzmcd book reviews 2021


Natalie Sisson

Tonawhai Press

RRP $29.99

Women everywhere have an inner critic that tries to derail their best-laid plans. Even the most productive women may be plagued by doubt or allow perfectionism and procrastination to disrupt their path to success, no matter how accomplished, talented, or prosperous they are. Suck It Up, Princess is here to help women develop the right mindset and strategies to overcome this. It teaches women to identify inner skills and talents, utilise life experiences, tap into hidden potential, and leverage their unique selves to create the life they truly want to live. Packed with transformational personal stories, proven methods and practical advice, Suck It Up, Princess is the coach every woman needs to become the heroine of her own life. Interlaced with lots of humour, this honest and personal account will resonate with all women.


nzmcd book reviews 2021


Lonely Planet

RRP $44.99

SHAREaCAMPER: iInternational motorhome sharing

Do you want to eat as well as the French, live as thoughtfully as the Scandinavians and be as healthy as the Japanese? If so, Lonely Planet has the perfect book for you. Lonely Planet’s Guide to Life unlocks the secrets of over 80 cultures from around the world and delves into the unique ways people live, eat and love. Each country profile offers a detailed ‘Top Insights for Life’, diving deep into what makes that particular culture tick. Some examples include: How does the tiny windswept island nation of Iceland top the world’s global peace index, and how did it rank #1 on the measure of gender equality? Is Finland’s obsession with the weekly ritual of sauna the reason it has topped the world’s happiness report for two years running? Why does Vietnam have one of the lowest adult obesity rates in the world, and could this be linked to its 94.5% adult literacy?


nzmcd book reviews 2021


Rebecca Hayter


RRP $39.95

When New Zealand ocean racing skipper Ross Field retired from professional sailing, he was already looking for his next unusual adventure. In a dusty boatyard in France, he bought a 20-year-old aluminium yacht. She was a mess, but he knew the yacht was immensely strong. Ross named her Rosemary, refitted her for the high latitudes and set his sights on the Northwest Passage. Yachting journalist Rebecca Hayter followed his refit in detail – DIY pundits will love these chapters. Then she signed on as crew. Sometimes in awe of her strong-willed skipper, she takes her readers along for the ride: observing Ross’s handling of the boat in the storms of the North Atlantic, sharing his war stories from famous yacht races, and laughing at his jokes. Rebecca is a skilled and candid writer. She shares life on board, the highs and lows of ocean cruising, and her own personal challenges.

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