Book Reviews January 2022

Sitting in the shade with a good book is one of life’s little pleasures. Here’s a selection of some of the latest titles.


Ian Austin

Nationwide Books

RRP $30

Philatelists and crime lovers: this is one for you. For one family, unlimited wealth and power means getting what you want – and no boundaries. Ex-cop Dan Calder is back, and this time he thrown in at the deep end to help the New Zealand Police make sense of the evidence surrounding the terrorist bombing plot at Auckland International Airport. But as soon as he challenges the authorities’ view, he’s dumped from the investigation. Determined to solve the audacious crime, Calder goes in search of a missing sister, in a bid to stop the family reunion that will end all reunions. Bonded is the fourth Dan Calder novel by British-born former police officer, detective, tactical firearms officer, covert surveillance operative and National Crime Squad trainer Austin, who now lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Bonded is a gripping read; you won’t want to put it down until the very end.



Don’t Sweat It

Nicky Pellegrino

Allen & Unwin

RRP $36.00

Forget the myths and misinformation; menopause is something you have to experience yourself to really understand. But if you’re trying your best to get it, Nicky Pellegrino’s latest book is a great place to start. While usually known as one of New Zealand’s most popular fiction writers, Don’t Sweat It is Pellegrino’s candid, warm and funny account of the realities and challenges of menopause. A former magazine editor, Pellegrino has researched her topic well, blending personal experience with plenty of well-researched advice on managing ‘the change’, including information on everything from hot flushes to hormone replacement therapy. Funny, frank and optimistic, this is a refreshing and modern take on menopause and perimenopause for the thoroughly modern, perennially-annoyed menopausal woman, and anyone who wants to try to understand her.

Jackie's Journey: Reflecting on 2020 so far

Christian Dior: The Illustrated World Of A Fashion Master

Megan Hess

Hardie Grant

RRP $39.99

His name is synonymous with the very best of perfection in the fashion world, and this stunning illustrated biography of the legendary designer is brought to life by internationally-renowned fashion illustrator Megan Hess. Dior’s life was fascinating; he adored flowers, creativity, femininity and good luck charms, and these were woven into every item he designed. This book follows Dior through three distinct chapters: the highs and lows of his early life, set against a backdrop of bohemian and wartime Paris. It tells of the couture house he built into an empire in just ten years, and the incredible legacy he left behind for one of fashion’s most influential brands. This is a celebration of a man whose life was as remarkable as the clothes he created.



The Nomad’s Ultimate Guide To New Zealand

Lisa Jansen

New Holland

RRP $39.99

At one time or another, many New Zealanders have dreamed about being able to pack up and get away from the rat race; leave our worries behind us. Historically a nation of travellers, the idea of jumping aboard a campervan and just hitting the road is a dream many of us would love to make a reality – and many do. MCD contributor and passionate ‘nomadder’ Lisa Jansen details the dos, don’ts and preparations required prior to taking the plunge into the exciting world of life on the road. Whether you’re looking for a short break, a part-time nomadic lifestyle or you’re ready to set out on a full time adventure, this book explains what you need, and how it feels, to travel the most amazing, open and picturesque countries in the world – our very own Aotearoa.

Jackie's Journey: Favourite Camping Spots


Lucy Corry


RRP $55.00

Wellington-based food writer and MCD contributor Lucy Corry makes her debut as a book author in Homecooked, a recipe book that ticks all the boxes when it comes to making real, honest food. Divided into seasons so you know which ingredients are in season, the recipes are simple to follow, and are designed to be useful to the home cook. This is a book about food, but it’s also a book about family, and how to make truly delicious, good food that connects us to home and whanau. In Lucy’s own words, “Homecooked is a collection of seriously cookable recipes for every New Zealand season and every occasion. If you fancy a taster of Lucy’s recipes, head to her blog at, where you’ll find, amongst other things, her recipe for Broken Biscuit Slab with Easy Chocolate Ganache. Yum.



Becoming Forrest

Rob Pope


RRP $37.99

Ever get tired of your job and think, ‘I wish I could just do a Forrest’ – this is the book for you. Rob Pope is a British veterinarian who left his job in pursuit of a dream – to become the first person ever to complete the epic run undertaken by one of Hollywood’s most loveable characters, Forrest Gump. Pope’s remarkable journey covered 15,600 miles (just over 25,100km), the distance from the North Pole to the South Pole and a third of the way back again. Over a gruelling 18 months, the ultra-athlete braved injuries, blizzards, forest fires and deadly wildlife, crossing the USA five times. Becoming Forrest is an incredible book by a fascinating man – a man who also holds a Guinness World Record for fastest marathon dressed as a film character.

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