Auto-Trail automates the data stream

Thanks to the revolution of digital and portable tablet technology, the ability for us modern types to, literally, have information on almost any subject you care to name right at our fingertips, has increased exponentially in the last decade.

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I can foresee a time in the not-too-distant future where motorhome manufacturers might not even supply TVs with their new models as a given anymore; think about the media streaming services available on your tablet device or laptop and how – wherever in the country you might be – these are readily available. So it goes with actual useful information (as opposed to endless episodes of Game of Thrones).

The analogue is decreasing in favour of the digital, as is the case in motorhomes. Modern motorhomes feature digital displays which allow occupants to check on water tank levels, available battery charge and even configure which house lights turn on at what time, or with which switch. The all-in-one control panel has become a fixture of almost every motorhome you care to name. But the next step in this process has just been unveiled by established UK motorhome manufacturer, Auto-Trail.

 My Auto-Trail

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Called My Auto-Trail, the new system – available to download as an app for either smartphone or tablet device – allows Auto-Trail owners to check on several operational aspects of their motorhome remotely.

The portal allows Auto-Trail Tracker, Apache and Frontier series owners to check on the status of their vehicle, regardless of whether they’re at the other end of the campsite or the country.

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Available battery charge (including solar charge), fresh and waste tank water levels and the ability to set-up lighting configurations to best suit individual occupants can be managed through the system. Lights can even be switched on remotely, if the owner is returning to the motorhome much later than anticipated.

Through additional technology called Auto-Trail Connect, owners can keep tabs on their motorhome wherever it is. This will be especially handy for those that need to store their motorhome off-site, or have perhaps loaned their pride and joy to the son and daughter-in-law for a long-weekend getaway.

Text alerts can even be set up, so the owner receives a text notification if, for example, the fresh water level falls below a certain percentage in the tank. In this way, the Auto-Trail system is a two-way communication tool. But it gets even better than that.

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One of the biggest issues for motorhome owners setting off on an inaugural journey in their new camper is remembering all the intricate processes and systems required to get the most out of this new home-on-the-road.

Naturally, distributors pride themselves on offering comprehensive hand-over sessions, built around a thorough ‘how to’ lesson that takes in everything from how to empty the toilet cassette, to where the shower head attachment for the external shower is located in its underbody recess.

Inevitably though, there will often be a little query that wasn’t important enough to merit a mention at the sales yard, but which has now become a vital piece of important info as night closes in on that first evening 300km yonder. Or, worse still, a larger issue has arisen that isn’t being fixed by what the new owner thought was the process to fix it. My Auto-Trail can help solve this.

Not only does the Auto-Trail owner have the ability to call for distributor assistance and discuss any issue, as they’ve always been able to, but the distribution team can also see the motorhome status remotely. In New Zealand, this means any Auckland Motorhomes, Canterbury RV and Country Caravans customer.

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The distributor support person has access to the exact same read-outs as the owner, displayed for them in real-time. This helps with problem solving, answering the big stuff quickly regardless of where in the country the motorhome might be located.

What’s more, the My Auto-Trail system — which is specifically calibrated to motorhomes sold in New Zealand — builds up an historic record of vehicle data, allowing the owner an easily accessible visual record of water and battery usage across a month or longer.

Already available in several New Zealand models, My Auto-Trail will roll out across the broader Auto-Trail range during 2018.

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