Elddis Autoquest CV60 Van Review


A new addition to the Elddis motorhome line-up, the Autoquest CV60 has a surprisingly spacious interior that includes a double bed. Malcolm Street takes a closer look.

Easy driver motorhome (2).jpg
The Elddis Autoquest CV60 is an easy-drive motorhome

Earlier this year, at the Covi SuperShow, the Elddis Autoquest CV60 van conversion from RV Leisure caught my eye. Elddis call it a campervan but I’m a bit reluctant to use that term because I think it gives the impression of something VW Transporter or Toyota Hiace-sized. However, the CV60 is actually based on a Fiat Ducato Multijet 160 van which has an external length of 5999mm and includes a combo toilet/shower.

Elddis is a British-based manufacturer but now owned by the German Hymer group, so the rear sliding door is conventionally located (for New Zealand) on the nearside. Elddis has not been building large van conversions for quite some years, but last year introduced the CV20 model and, this year, the CV60. The prime feature is a rear layout that’s a little different to most other large van conversions around. 

Step aboard 

Like most van-based motorhomes, both the nearside sliding door and the rear doors give easy access to the interior. It’s a Fiat Ducato cab, so the factory-fitted swivelling seats are well and truly incorporated into the overall layout.

A pole-mounted table sits directly behind the cab seats and that makes up the dining area. All of the nearside wall, and part of the sliding door space, is taken up by the kitchen bench, fridge cabinetry and cupboards in the rear. That leaves the mid-offside space for the shower toilet cubicle and more cupboards.
Up front, Autoquest has opted to retain the Ducato roofline, which means no roof cut-out, so there’s a small but handy storage space above the driver’s cab handy for stashing the cab blinds if nothing else. Concertina-type blinds are fitted to the rear windows, rather than the sprung cassette roller type.

Handy shelf space in bedroom.jpg
No complaints about shelf space in the bedroom


A small motorhome equals a small kitchen bench with just enough space for a three-burner hob and a round stainless steel sink. But to provide a bit more room on the bench, there is a handy flip-up extension in the doorway airspace.

Normally fridges like the Thetford T1090 90-litre unit are floor-mounted, but in this model it’s mounted above a wardrobe, which means no bending over to retrieve items. Something else that is interesting about the fridge is its curved rear, specially designed for van conversions.

TV can be swivelled around.jpg
The TV can be swivelled around

Although the kitchen isn’t oversized, there’s a decent amount of cupboard, overhead locker and drawer space. A microwave oven is mounted in the overhead locker space behind the driver’s seat. It’s a slightly unusual location, but because of the half-height cupboard below, there is somewhere to put hot items after you’ve taken them out. Taller people can reach the microwave, but those of shorter stature might have be careful of the step up and down into the driver’s cab area.

Good kitchen cupboard and drawer space.jpg
There’s plenty of room to stash your pots and pans


The bathroom is bigger than it looks. Not surprisingly, it’s a combo set-up with a small Thetford cassette toilet, washbasin, and shaving cabinet. The tap for the basin is attached to a flexible hose and doubles as a shower outlet, a stainless steel bracket being attached to the wall at a decent height.

Compact bathroom with essentials (1).jpg
The compact bathroom has all the essentials

In the rear

The bed arrangement is a little different to the usual. Instead of twin side-facing lounges, there is just a single lounge on the offside. When bedtime comes around, it’s a matter of pulling the seat base out and the back-rest drops into position to form up a bed with a length of 1880mm and a width of 1310mm at the pillow end. With this arrangement, the bed does have to be made up every night. If you’re prepared to forgo the use of the day lounge, then the bed could be left permanently made up. This is doable because even though the bed does narrow towards the base, there is still a walkway between the bed and the nearside furniture, giving access to not only the rear doors but the adjacent cupboards and drawers.

Bed by night.jpg
The single louge turns into a 1880mm x 1310mm bed

Cupboard space

What Autoquest has done with the nearside cabinetry is to create a waist-high cupboard and drawer space with overhead lockers above and a window in between. It’s a nice compromise, giving you both window area and shelf and storage space. The window is locked shut to prevent damage from the sliding door. Also fitted into this area is a flat-screen television, which is mounted on the fridge cabinet. Easily seen from the rear bed, it can also be swung out and viewed from the front seats. Satellite TV is a standard feature.

Reasonable bedroom storage.jpg
Lots of drawer and cupboard space in the bedroom

Out of sight

Fitted under the CV60 is the 90-litre freshwater tank, the 45-litre grey water tank, the 4.3kW Whale gas/electric air heater, and the eight-litre gas/electric water heater. The sub floor area is certainly a very busy place.

Quite a few Fiat Ducato-powered motorhomes running around New Zealand are fitted with the lowest powered of the Ducato 2.3-litre turbo diesels – the 96kW/130hp. However, the CV60 comes with a little more zip in the form of the 118kW/160hp engine, which is great for those who want a more lively response underfoot.

For those who are familiar with Ducatos, the old six-speed automated manual transmission has been replaced by a new nine-speed fully automatic gearbox – a great advance and one that offers a much smoother driving experience. All the usual driver controls are fitted around the cab, including a very handy reversing camera.

Microwave oven fairly accessble (1).jpg
The microwave is mounted behind the driver’s seat


Being a van conversion, there aren’t any external storage compartments, except for items like the cassette toilet and gas cylinder. Bubble-type double-glazed windows are fitted all round and they do give the motorhome quite a stylish look. In addition to the usual hatches, the roof sports both a satellite dish and a solar panel.

A Dometic awning covers the sliding door area very nicely and, on my review motorhome, a Fiamma bike rack was fitted to the rear offside barn door. 

Bike rack a good option.jpg
The bike rack is a handy option


I reckon the CV60 is a classy addition to the Elddis line-up. In some ways it’s a standard large van conversion layout, but there are some subtle differences to the normal arrangement and the motorhome does have a good level of appointment. Ideal for one or two. 

Aut-Avg Camper CV60 - Plan.jpg


Elddis Autoquest CV60 specifications


Fiat Ducato 2.3L 118kW/350Nm 


Nine-speed auto 


Approx overall length 


Approx overall width 


Fresh/grey water tank 



1 x 4kg 



Price as reviewed: from $129,995 (includes GST and on-roads)


  • 118kW Ducato turbo diesel

  • New nine-speed auto gearbox

  • Rear bed area layout

  • Internal cupboard space

  • Fridge location


  • No external storage

  • Small kitchen

  • Step-up to front cab area


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