Review: Allisee Supremacy 2019

By: Claire Smith, Photography by: Claire Smith and Rebekah Robinson

MCD editor Claire Smith takes a look at the 2019 Allisee Supremacy and discovers that there is more to this model than meets the eye

From the outside, the Allisee Supremacy looks much like many other late model motorhomes. At almost eight metres in length, it is beautifully finished, sleek and handsome.


But it’s really not until you step inside that you start to appreciate why the Supremacy is so aptly named. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Allisee is designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand by Hamilton-based motorhome business Auto Leisure and Marine (ALM) Group.

Since opening its doors in 1995, the business has gone from strength to strength, driven by the quality-focussed expertise of owner and managing director Andrew Fink. A boatbuilder for many years – something that runs in his family – Andrew knows a bit about how to make the most of small spaces.

And the Supremacy is a fine example of how to transform a great space into a simply amazing space. What’s more, it’s built for New Zealanders, by New Zealanders, and the result is outstanding. Allow me to expand on that…

Room to move

The slide out transforms the interior space

I’ll start with the most obvious of features – the full-length slide out that transforms this very nice motorhome, into an elegant and spacious apartment. We’re talking some very valuable space indeed.

The slide-out runs the full body length of 5.0 metres down the lounge/bedroom side of the motorhome. It extends out by 750mm, which effectively gives the motorhome the same interior cubic volume as a 9.5 metre vehicle.

And it feels like it too – even without the slide out deployed, with an internal average height of 2060mm (2280mm at the highest point), combined with generous windows and there’s a sense of space that isn’t always apparent in a motorhome.

The living area offers up to 3m in width

As the slide-out extends it re-configures the rear bed – a full sized queen – as it goes, repositioning it to the centre of the bedroom providing workable space to make the bed and move around it. The engineering behind this clever innovation was designed by Andrew.

I’m no engineering expert, but I’d say it took a fair bit of design to get just right. And it was very worth it. The result is smooth, snappy, and quite impressive to watch.

Seat yourself

The seating in the lounge offers multiple configurations

As the slide out is deployed, the living area grows to a whopping 3.0 metres in width. The additional floor space allows for the lounge seating to be transformed from a comfortable L-shaped 3-seat couch, into a spacious U-shaped seating arrangement.

It’s just a matter of moving one seat, adding another squab (kept in the storage area under the bed), and popping in the dining table. It’s a clever concept that allows several different configurations to suit different needs.

The seating in the lounge offers multiple configurations

As an optional extra, a smaller ‘occasional’ table can be placed between the two cab seats (with both fully swivel to the rear), providing the perfect spot for resting a well-earned glass of wine and a plate of cheese and crackers.

Room for extras

The queen-sized bed  

Positioned in the Luton above the cab is a second bed (a full sized double). The bed is on gas struts so you can pop it up and out of the way when not in use. The large curved skylight overhead, plus windows either side of the bed contribute to feeling of open spaciousness.

Quality throughout

The interior layout is practical and modern

Throughout the motorhome, the glossy cabinetry in a modern mix of clean white and timeless grey includes soft-close hardware, and would look at home in any upmarket apartment.

The kitchen drawers are deep and wide providing a generous amount of space for pots and pans, plates and dishes, with room to spare. A full length pull-out pantry with wine bottle storage means you can keep jars and bottles safely stored and easily accessible.

Plenty of space for guests

You don’t have to look very hard to find that Andrew’s team pride themselves on their attention to detail – the quality is evident everywhere you look. But just as noteworthy is the quality you can’t see – the insides (even the far reaches that you might not see) of the cupboards are as tidy as the outside.

The quality continues in the smallest room

Beneath the body, the sub-frame is fully galvanised with stainless steel fastenings used throughout. It’s clear that Andrew’s boatbuilding experience underpins every aspect of his design.

The Allisee brand is built to take the harshest of New Zealand conditions including the inevitable saltspray that will get into the bodywork when you’re travelling near the coastline.

Speaking of New Zealand conditions, comfort during winter has been taken care of with double glazed windows throughout (a first for any production New Zealand manufacturer), full insulation, and a diesel-powered hot water and heating combination unit.

And because you can leave the diesel hot water system on while you drive, the hot water is ready to go as soon as you arrive at your destination. During the lounge reconfiguration process, I discovered a very nifty addition to the 2019 model – this motorhome comes with its own vacuum system.

The Sweep o Van vacuum system sits out of view beneath the kitchen counter – you simply plug in the vacuum hose (stored neatly under the bed), and vacuum away. The vacuum bags are reusable and it takes a matter of minutes to get the floor spotlessly clean.

Clever technology

The CZone control panel 

Another clever feature of the Supremacy is CZone. This innovative technology, which was originally developed for super-yachts, is an intelligent central control system which allows the owner to monitor and control pretty much every essential function of the motorhome.

The system can be set to various modes to suit the owner. For example, ‘Driving Mode’ will instruct the control module to prepare the motorhome for departure – turning off the gas, water pump, lights etc.

‘Night mode’ will switch on the lights, power up the TV, switch the water pump and gas on etc. The technology can be controlled via the onboard panel, or from an app on an iPad.

In addition you can check on your water capacities, check the battery status for house and start, control all lighting, monitor solar, control the inverter/charger, and a whole lot more. It’s very impressive. And of course, the team at ALM will help set up your preferred preferences and talk you through using the system. 

Outside extras

Ready, set... relax!

While the Supremacy’s interior is simply stunning, there’s plenty to talk about on the outside as well. The cab is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519, 7-speed, 6-cylinder turbo diesel rear drive, with dual rear wheels.

All the bells and whistles are included; power windows, steering, and mirrors, cruise control, climate controlled air-con, ABS braking, Crosswind Assist, multifunction steering wheel, light and rain sensors and daytime running lights. The result? It drives beautifully, offers comfort up front, and has plenty of power.

A full-width locker runs from one side of the vehicle to the other, providing good storage including space for those extra-long items like fishing rods and skis, plus a separate locker is provided for cords and other smaller bits and pieces. And if you need to hunt around in the lockers when it’s dark, tap under the lid to turn on the interior night light – handy!

When you’re ready to set up for dinner, just wind out the Thule awning (provided as standard), slide out the stainless steel gas barbecue (optional) tucked away tidily in its own locker at the rear, and channel some music through the outdoor speakers via the CZone.

There’s even an outdoor shower!

And if you’ve been down on the beach, you can wash off the sand with the hot/cold outdoor shower (optional). Twin bike racks are another optional extra. The Supremacy certainly lives up to its name. It brings together just the right blend of luxury and simplicity, practicality and comfort.

But the overriding theme is quality. And let’s not forget, it’s built right here in New Zealand. So if you’re remotely curious, and will be passing through Hamilton, I’d suggest calling into ALM and asking for a demo – it’s very much worth taking a look through.



Allisee Supremacy 2019

Chassis Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519
Engine 6 cylinder turbo diesel
Berths 4

Overall width

Overall height 3290mm

Overall length


Fresh/grey water

GVM 5300kg

Price as reviewed: $350,000


  • That slide-out… so much space!
  • Multiple lounge configuration options
  • CZone technology


  • At $350,000 the Supremacy will rule out entry-mid level buyers

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