Review: Winnebago Coogee

By: Cameron Officer

Winnebago Coogee The Winnebago Coogee Winnebago Coogee
Winnebago Coogee 1 Style meets practicality inside Winnebago Coogee 1
winnebago Kitchen offers up plenty of prep space winnebago
winnebago coogee 3 190L fridge-freezer is standard winnebago coogee 3
winnebago coogee 6 Vanity has space for a washing machine winnebago coogee 6
winnebago coogee 9 The Winnebago Coogee winnebago coogee 9
USB USB ports outside are a neat feature USB
winnebago coogee 8 The Winnebago Coogee winnebago coogee 8
shower Full-size shower box a bonus shower
cuboard latches Cupboard latches are elegantly simple cuboard latches
W Respected brand supported by a respected distributor W
winnebago coogee 6 Vanity has space for a washing machine winnebago coogee 6

With a famous name on the exterior and an interior that arrives with a ready-made reputation for solidity and space, the Winnebago Coogee has plenty of features worth highlighting

One of the many podcasts I while away my time on the road listening to is called 99 Percent Invisible. It traces oddball stories from the footnotes of history, with a specific focus on the design heroes behind the detritus of life that surrounds us every day.

Who invented the matchbox? The kidney-shaped swimming pool? The Argentinean flag? That sort of stuff… which appeals to me and (probably) about 0.03 percent of my fellow human beings.

An episode I was listening to recently delved into the semi-secret world of graphic design. I found it endlessly fascinating learning about logos and product design that we engage with every day and probably don’t even think about on more than a basic consumerist level; your Coca-Cola bottles, your Apple laptops, your ‘Golden Arches’. My point? Ah, here it comes now…

I reckon Winnebago’s red livery must surely be up there with the greats in terms of iconic design. That big ‘W’ speaks of the open road; the name instantly conjuring up images of long-haul family travelling (albeit, until recently, through places like the Pacific North West or the Prairielands of America’s middle states). To many, Winnebago remains almost shorthand for ‘motorhome’.

To this end, local Winnebago motorhome distributor, the DeLuxe Group, possibly has one of the most instantly familiar line-ups of any yard in the country, even if you’re yet to explore what their Australian-sourced range has to offer.

From America to Australia to US

Winnebago motorhomes have been produced under licence in Australia for some time now. This, naturally, is a bonus for the Kiwi motorhomer, as the Aussie blueprint aligns much more closely with what we expect of our home-away-from-home in this country.

An even mix of premium features and a no-nonsense approach to practicality are our top-tier requests, by and large. Good storage and a decent kitchen will also seal the deal. The DeLuxe Group’s rollcall of Winnebago hardware all lives up to these ideals.

Sitting in the mid-range is the Winnebago Coogee (see? I told you it was Aussie-built). This C-Class motorhome arrives on a heavy-duty Iveco Daily platform, whereas the manufacturer’s smaller fare is Fiat and Mercedes-Benz-based.

That $194,990 price sticker isn’t insubstantial, but looking at the floor space the Coogee offers up, paired with a decent array of standard kit included straight out of the box, this 7900mm-long four berth vehicle offers a rewarding amount of plus-points for motorhomers looking to spend time on the road.

Slide-out sleeper

Winnebago -Coogee -4

The Coogee is the entry-point to Winnebago’s slide-out models, offering up extra floor space thanks to an east-west mounted queen bed occupying a retractable section of wall. Facing the bed is a nice big storage unit offering both drawer- and cupboard-space, and which is partitioned nicely from the kitchen and living spaces.

The bed having slid automatically out of the way, there is plenty of walking space to access the rear bathroom. Winnebago prides itself on offering up decent amounts of space in its washrooms and, naturally, the Coogee conforms to type.

A large vanity that incorporates a cubby designed to occupy a washing machine is bookended by, on one side, a separate shower box and, on the other, the cassette toilet, which is positioned with plenty of space around it. Speaking of space, the shower box is a full-sized square unit too, without bevelled-off edges you might find in smaller models.


Winnebago -Coogee -5

During the day – with the extra over-cab bed stowed away – the driver and front passenger chairs augment a two-seater couch alongside the dining table. Another option for Coogee owners is to reposition the table and opt for a forward-facing two-seater instead.

In either case, the seating area is adjacent to the 190-litre fridge, slim-line pantry and microwave, while over on the opposite wall alongside the entry door, is the spacious worktop, sink and gas oven.

More cupboard space below the kitchen bench will take care of all the usual cooking implements, while further overhead cubby space should easily accommodate plates, glasses and serving crockery.

Outback equipped

Like any Australian-designed motorhome worth its salt, the Winnebago Coogee is designed for lengthy periods on the road. You have 100-litres fresh and 100-litres grey water capacity, as well as extra battery capacity thanks to the standard 150w solar panel.

With a heavy-duty Iveco chassis underneath comes the reassurance of some heavy-duty load-hauling. The Coogee allows for a generous 1300kg payload and has a GVM of 5200kg.


You learn to trust certain brands to deliver on what their collective history in business promises. The New Zealand-spec Winnebago range might arrive on our shores via some clever manufacturing magic in Australia, but they remain true blue motorhomes, featuring everything you’d expect of a vehicle sporting that famous ‘W’ on its sidewalls.

Whether you’re in Wyoming or the Wairarapa, these things are fit-for-purpose.
And despite my love of a good in-depth podcast, I didn’t need any external direction in drawing this conclusion about the Winnebago Coogee. History, it would seem, is certainly capable of repeating.


  • Slide-out adds nicely to floor space
  • Rugged engineering overlaid with plenty of premium touches
  • Respected brand supported by a respected distributor


  • This model won’t suit everyone’s budget

Winnebago Coogee Specifications 

Vehicle Make/Model: Iveco Daily 50C17
Engine: 3.0-litre four cylinder turbo diesel
Transmission: eight-speed automatic
Berths: 4
Approx. overall length: 7906mm
Approx. overall width: 2450mm
Approx. overall height: 3151mm
Tanks: 100L fresh / 100L grey
Gas: 2 x 9kg
GVM: 5200kg
Price: $194,990

For further information call DeLuxe Group 03 578 3310, or visit

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