Dethleffs Magic Edition

For a medium-sized A-Class motorhome, the Dethleffs Magic Edition packs in a lot. MCD finds out more.

The Magic Edition motorhome range sits right in the middle of the overall Dethleffs stable of 10 motorhome products.

It’s slightly bigger and heavier than the Advantage range but not as big as the Esprit. The four models in the range are based on two layouts—twin beds or an island bed—in two bodies, either a low profile semi-integrated body or an A-Class integrated body.

The model we reviewed was the Magic Edition I 3 DBM. It has an A-Class body, built bumper to bumper by Dethleffs, on a Fiat high platform chassis that has an extra wide rear axle for added stability, and stronger suspension springs for greater comfort.

The power train is the ubiquitous Fiat four-cylinder 2.3-litre Euro 6 turbo diesel driving the front wheels through a six-speed AMT auto gearbox.

Magic Edition

New -exterior -styling --in -the -traditional -Magic -Edition -colours

New exterior styling in the traditional Magic Edition colours—black, grey, white, and silver—a lighter interior decor palette and an innovative ‘atmospheric’ interior lighting concept give this year’s Magic Edition range a fresh, sharper edge.

Other new features include a height adjustable island bed and the Pilote cab seats by Aguti. Another feature that sets the Magic Edition apart is the comprehensive equipment package.

The rear garage houses the main new feature—the ability to raise and lower the rear island bed by around 150mm to accommodate taller items in the rear garage.

It involves turning a crank handle and is similar to winding an awning in and out. In this case, however, the bed goes up and down. It is a simple, robust feature that will appeal to those who prefer their bikes to be out of sight rather than on a bike rack.


In another good move, Dethleffs has moved the LPG bottle locker out of the garage and put it in a separate locker. Also, the Combi 6E heater/water heater now lives behind a partition in the front wall of the garage.

It makes the heater easier to service, either from the garage or from above, once the bed is lifted. It also allows room for some handy extra shelves above the heater. Other garage features include anchor points provided for strapping down loads (note: the garage has a 150kg load limit) and two access doors, one on each side.


The -island -bed -in -the -rear -bedroom

Dethleffs has fitted an electrically operated entry step as standard—along with the wider (700mm) entry door—that makes getting in and out of the motorhome a lot easier.

The internal layout has the north–south island bed in the rear with a split bathroom going forward to the kitchen and an entry door opposite the kitchen with the dinette incorporating the cab seats at the front.

First impressions of the interior appointments and decor are upmarket but understated, muted but inviting: a combination of tweed and milk chocolate, or in Dethleffs’ words, Dakota Oak cabinetry laminate and Tizio cushion fabric.

Overhead, the locker doors have a gloss white finish giving the interior a modern, contemporary feeling.


Upfront in the cab, the most noticeable difference is the cab seats. Specialist automotive seat designer and manufacturer, Aguti’s stylish Pilote seats have replaced Fiat’s standard issue.

These have built-in seat belts and adjustable armrests as well as separate controls to adjust seat pitch, rake, and rotation.

Together, these seats and the leather trim on the steering wheel and gear knob provide a touch of luxury to an otherwise run-of-the-mill cab.

Sliding blinds are fitted on all cab windows for privacy at night. Regular drop-down sun visors are fitted above the windscreen.



The dinette can seat five comfortably, with two on the forward facing seats, two on the rotated cab seats, and one on the seat beside the entrance. The dinette side seat along the wall is a wee bit narrow for adults but kids could perch there quite happily.

Although the table pedestal is fixed to the floor, the sensibly sized rectangular tabletop can be moved out of the firing line quite easily and locked into position with the flip of a single lever mounted underneath.

Not like some fixed position tables that are far too large, odd in shape, and forever in the way. It’s worth noting that the floor is flat from the cab to the bathroom; no steps to trip over.


Euro -kitchen

The Euro kitchen makes the most  of its allocated space. Mounting the three-burner hob against the wall leaves a 300mm strip of bench-top in front of the hobs as workspace.

It is tight but workable and when the hob-top is lowered, the workspace is doubled. Putting the cover over the sink adds to that again. There are splashbacks on the side and end walls.

A Thetford Duplex combined oven and grill is mounted below the bench along with a cupboard and three drawers.

The 190-litre fridge–freezer sits opposite the bench beside the entry door. It’s the latest model with automatic energy selection and once you master the controls, you’ll love it.

There are also a couple more small but useful features. The shelves in the kitchen overhead cupboards are adjustable and there is a spice rack set into the wall to the right of the hob.


Bathroom -cropped

Stepping through to the rear bedroom, you pass between the two parts of the split bathroom. This one has the toilet/vanity on the left and the shower cubicle on the right.

The toilet/vanity door swings across to close off the kitchen and a solid sliding door closes off the bedroom, creating a spacious private bathroom.

The sliding door is quite ingenious. It slides in at an angle and then straightens up to seal the gap.

In the cubicle, a swivel seat cassette toilet with an electronic flush sits beside the black faux marble bench-top fitted with a high gloss white handbasin. It’s all surrounded by mirrors, drawers, and cabinets. It’s quite dramatic.

Suffice to say, there is ample room to store toiletries and personal items. On the opposite side, the shower awaits behind a pair of full-length swinging saloon doors.

It has easy-to-clean white acrylic walls and floor and there are two plugholes diagonally opposite one another so the shower tray drains even if the motorhome is not level. Another thoughtful touch that indicates Dethleffs listens to customer feedback.


The -Magic -Edition -features -a -bed -over -the -cab -seats

There are two options: either the island bed in the rear bedroom or the bed that pulls down over the cab seats. No contest I hear you say and I agree.

The island bed being in its own space has the advantage of privacy, and it is closer to the ground so is easier to get in and out of. There are also lockers and drawers for clothes and personal items close at hand. But if you are just comparing the beds, there is not a lot in it.

They are similar in size and have the same sprung slat base and the 7 Zone EvoPore HRC climate regulating mattress. So if you have guests aboard for a night or two, you’ll be at ease knowing their bed is as comfortable as yours.

Extras included

Jonas Ng, the proprietor of Acacia Motorhomes (the accredited New Zealand agents for Dethleffs), includes a bundle of items in the standard retail price that are usually at an extra cost.

These include a 200-watt solar panel with a solar regulator, an entertainment centre with a seven-inch screen that also displays the rear-view video and the GPS maps, a 19-inch Autex LED TV with a KiwiSat satellite aerial, and a five-metre awning.



If you are in the market for a medium-sized A-Class motorhome, add the Magic Edition I 3 DBM to your ‘must-see’ list.

It is well set up for freedom camping with two house batteries, a powerful solar power arrangement, and generous capacity fresh and grey water tanks.

Most of the comforts of home are included and it is mounted on the easy-to-drive Fiat Ducato chassis.

Magic Edition specifications

Berths: 4

Overall length: 7390mm

Overall width: 2330mm

Overall height: 2940mm

Freshwater capacity: 125L

Grey water capacity: 93L

GVM: 581kg

Price: $185,000 including GST

Tank -and -battery


  • Adjustable bed height that could come in handy
  • Split bathroom arrangement
  • Drives on a car licence
  • Has useful payload


  • None


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