Review: Ilusion Irius 740H

By: Cameron Officer, Photography by: Cameron Officer

ILUSION IRiUS 740H The Ilusion 740H ILUSION IRiUS 740H
separate shower facility The Ilusion 740H has a separate shower facility separate shower facility
separate bathroom The Ilusion 740H has a separate bathroom separate bathroom
double door catch A double catch on the entry door gives added security double door catch
wooden steps Wooden steps leading to the raised twin beds wooden steps
sofa The sofa adjoining the dining table sofa
stainless steel kitchen The stainless steel kitchen sink with stylish tapware is surrounded by a Corian benchtop stainless steel kitchen
grille The double chevron of the Citroen grille
bike area The rear garage is big enough to fit a mountain bike and still leave room for other items bike area

MCD reviews RnRV’s latest cleverly-packaged and cost-effective acquisition - the Ilusion Irius 740H

Paul Cook from RnRV is encouraging me to do something I don’t feel comfortable about. "Go on," he enthusiastically says. "Give it the ‘thump test’!"

The ‘thump test’, as it says on the tin, involves selecting a random wall surface inside RnRV’s latest range addition, the Ilusion Irius 740H, and giving it a damn good whack.

More than just reckless automobile abuse, though, Paul’s illustrating the fact that Spanish-built Ilusion motorhomes are solidly built. The ‘thump test’ is as unscientific a methodology as you can get, but it certainly proves the point.

There’s nothing hollow-sounding here, reiterating the fact we’re standing inside a well-made machine.

New to New Zealand

RnRV is the sole agent for the Ilusion brand in New Zealand and Paul says this model’s arrival—along with the Malibu van range, which will be landing soon and we’ll cover in a future issue—completes the picture for the distributor.

"We basically have a well-crafted van or motorhome option for every buyer now, which is really exciting for us. Customers coming in to see us about one particular model still like to see all the options that are out there within their budget.

Just because they’ve narrowed down their list to one brand doesn’t mean there are other manufacturers that might provide something that works better.

"Now we’re in a position where we can show our clients a variety of cleverly designed motorhomes. The Ilusion range fits the bill in this regard because it packs so much into what remains a relatively compact vehicle."

With RnRV’s display facilities north of Auckland bathed in wintery liquid sunshine on the day I popped in to check out the Ilusion, there’s no chance of a heat mirage.

The Ilusion, however, does present something of a sight.

A stylish exterior reveals a well-packaged interior, with living area seating for five (including the swivelling driver and front passenger chairs), nicely appointed separate bathroom and shower facilities, and a corner kitchenette, notable immediately for its well-finished drawers and tasteful under-bench lighting.

An automatic drop-down double bed (a $2430 option) for guests nestles into the ceiling space above the dining area and augments a clever raised twin single-bed setup at the rear.

Converting the two single mattresses into a super king arrangement (2.2m wide and 2.04m long) is easy if desired.

Simply slide out a partition that sits out of the way at the top of the access stairs and use an infill squab to create more spacious sleeping quarters.

On a day like today, it’s also worth noting the 6000W diesel hot water cylinder and heater unit draws from the primary fuel tank.

The warmth the system generates (below the floor as well as in the living quarters) essentially turns the large rear garage into a drying room if you happen to be out on the road in less-than-ideal weather.

Inside the Ilusion Irius 740H

Twin -single -beds

The raised twin single beds at the rear of the Ilusion Irius 740H are easily accessed by integrated steps, which are lit by LEDs and make the most of their depth by housing more storage.

The fact you climb up the wooden hills to bed works a treat in a motorhome this size because the raised arrangement allows for a genuinely impressive amount of storage at the back. The generous under-bed access from inside the van doubles the rear storage area’s usefulness, too.

While I don’t know if anyone would bother heaving a Vespa motor scooter in and out of the rear garage (as illustrated in Ilusion’s brochures), I’ve no doubt one would fit.

A more likely solution for Kiwi motorhomers, though, is the ability to stow a couple of mountain bikes, outdoor furniture, portable barbecue, and all those boxes and plastic tubs that inevitably find their way into the ‘ready-to-pack’ pile before the next adventure begins.

The Ilusion Irius 740H boasts a carrying weight of 450kg.

The finer details

The -swivelling -chairs

It’s when you start looking a little more closely at the Ilusion 740H’s details that the value proposition this motorhome offers becomes more obvious.

A stainless steel kitchen sink with stylish tapware is surrounded by a Corian benchtop. The 360-degree moveable dining table is finished in Corian, too.

Stainless steel finishes off the edging on the entry steps and the steps up to the twin single beds at the rear.

Paul points out the secure double catch system on the entry door, while all drawers are of the soft-close variety. Sit on the sofa adjoining the dining table and you’ll note this is sculptured for more comfort rather than simple block foam.

Outside, the body itself presents a stylish silhouette and comes with a three-year water ingress guarantee.

The raised moulded corners at the leading edge of the upper structure are shaped specifically to shed water. The large garage at the rear is fully lined, with tread plate flooring and internal lighting.

You’ll also note the double chevron of the Citroen brand in the grille. Ilusion builds all its motorhomes on Citroen bases, which provides for either a 130hp or 160hp Euro 6 compliant turbo diesel engine.

While not a common sight in our corner of the globe yet, Citroen-based motorhomes are gaining a foothold overseas and Paul says parts supply through Australasia isn’t a problem.

Package offering

The -outside

In addition to what is a pretty comprehensive feature set, Paul and the RnRV team add a few more niceties to the Ilusion Irius 740H in the shape of an optional $5000 comfort package.

This includes a reversing camera, Kiwisat satellite dish, 200W solar panel, an Avtex flat-screen TV, Dometic awning, and twin valve-regulated house batteries.

Standard equipment includes a 150-litre fridge, a three-burner gas hob with glass cover, energy-efficient LED lighting, Midi and Mini Heki skylights by Dometic, a sliding partition door between the living and bedroom areas, and a digital multi-function display for controlling heating and ventilation.

"Lots of things look pretty at a glance, but at the end of the day, customers want longevity out of what they buy.

"We’re really proud to be offering the Ilusion to Kiwis as we feel this manufacturer’s motorhomes will fit the bill for the long-term owner," Paul says.


Everything in a box, of good quality, and for a fair price—that’s my takeaway from the time spent in the Ilusion Irius 740H. It’s a value-packed offering but not one you feel is ‘built to a price’.

The use of quality materials and fittings are rewarding, creating the illusion (see what I did there?) of an interior that looks and feels like it should have cost a lot more than it actually did.

Pair these aspects with a well-laid-out motorhome offering plenty of storage and this looks to be a solid cost-effective addition to the local market.

And yes, it even passes the ‘thump test’.

Ilusion Irius 740H specifications

Berths: 2-4


Approx. overall length: 7300mm

Approx. overall height: 2750mm

Max freshwater capacity: 100L

GVM: 3500kg

Price: $138,700 (as reviewed)


Ilusion Irius 740H pluses

  • Value for money proposition
  • High-quality materials used throughout
  • New Zealand specification and packaging provides extra value


Ilusion Irius 740H minuses

  • Manual-only transmission might be a deterrent
    to some


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