Swift Bolero 6 and 7 Series

By: Cameron Officer, Photography by: Swift and Iconic Motorhomes

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Swift’s Bolero 6 and 7 Series motorhomes bring premium features and space aplenty to the table

Swift Bolero 6 and 7 Series
Swift Boldero 6 and 7

Many readers will automatically assemble the names ‘Iconic’ and ‘Swift’ together in the grey matter; an easily done thing given that Kay Parker and her team at Iconic Motorhomes has been selling and renting Swift motorhomes for almost a decade now.

With outlets in both Christchurch and Auckland, Iconic has supplied more than 200 Swift motorhomes to eager customers since 2008 and also runs a rental fleet of more than 40 vehicles from the same UK manufacturing group. Kay says that, with so much choice available within the wider Swift range, Iconic has always specifically chosen to focus on quality options.

"It was a choice of ours right from the start to focus on Swift’s top-of-the-line products," she tells me during an unseasonably rainy summer’s day at the company’s large Christchurch facility.

"There are an awful lot of people bringing all manner of motorhomes into the country these days, so now more than ever it is very important to maintain a point of difference. I think the Swift brands deliver on this time and again.

"The Kon-tiki and Bolero models are their premium offerings, and we also carry the Bessacarr lineup and the more compact Rio models, too. I have to say though, the Bolero motorhomes have found such a broad audience; they really are the mainstay of the lineup, offering plenty of space for touring for weeks at a time, or even living in for months of the year," Kay says.

The Swift Bolero range

Split between 6 Series and 7 Series model designations, the Swift Bolero range offers a multitude of options for customers looking to maximise interior space, without compromising on quality fixtures. Kay likens the Bolero range to the sports car, in comparison with the limousine feel of the longer dual rear-axle Kon-tiki models.

That’s not to say the Boleros are lacking in space, though; quite the opposite.
Across the range, three stock layouts are available, featuring twin single beds or a French bed with two- or four-berth options (thanks to a configurable second sleeping area in the lounge).

For me, the big difference between the 6 and 7 Series is the bathroom, which—especially in the 7 Series I saw—felt very much like the sort of en suite you’d get in a modern residential home.

Most 7 Series models feature a rear-sited bathroom (entered between
the two single beds or to the side of the French bed, depending on which model you’ve opted for). The bathrooms in 6 Series models are located to the rear as well, although share the back wall with this iteration’s standard French bed.

Kitchenette space is generous with features such as a backlit splashback panel, a clever fold-down return to extend available bench space, and Dometic appliances. Iconic installs its own coffee table to supplement the stow-away dining table in two-berth models. Depending on your model of choice, drawers are also of the soft-close variety and across the board surface areas and fabrics are absolutely top-notch.


One thing that was apparent during my time inside the Bolero 6 and 7 Series motorhomes was just how light and airy they are. 

As previously mentioned, Christchurch wasn’t showcasing the sun at all when I caught up with the Iconic team, yet as we hustled through driving rain between each model, a constant companion—even on a dreary day like this—was the manufacturer’s light and bright interiors.That’s partly down to some fantastic trim choices in the living quarters. Blonde woods, a stylish and contemporary colour palette for fabrics, shiny chrome work everywhere, and tastefully recessed LED lighting made the Bolero models feel immediately welcoming. The Midi-Heki skylight helped, too, of course.

None of us choose to head away on the road in inclement weather, but then again, none of us can choose what weather accompanies us either. Despite what the balmy days shown in the brochures might suggest, ensuring your motorhome of choice is also thoroughly equipped for the rugged stuff is essential. The UK-designed Bolero 6 and 7 Series motorhomes are certified Grade 3 for heating and thermal insulation and feature Alde dual-fuel radiator central and water heating. 

Ducato power

Every Bolero is powered by the proven Fiat Ducato 2.3-litre turbo diesel engine, which has become one of the mainstays of the motorhome industry. This Euro 6-compliant engine offers 109kW of power (150hp) and a hefty 350Nm of torque. Whether in the seven-metre-long 6 Series or the 7.7m 7 Series, the Fiat engine has plenty of oomph for those more vertically-minded roads.

The Bolero 7 Series features a running mass of 4250kg, as well as a maximum towing capacity of two tonnes, so you know the engine has the necessary power for
the job. You also have what Fiat calls a Comfort-Matic automatic transmission at your disposal to make things simpler on the open road. While these Swift models come
with an impressive array of standard features, Iconic also offers the option of bike racks and tow bars for any models leaving their premises.

What’s more, with full-service bays on-site in Christchurch, Iconic offers resident mechanical staff to take care of any issue or offer advice, and ensure every Swift motorhome leaving the yard is NZMCA-ready and self-containment compliant.

Oh, and every Bolero that Iconic sends out the gate comes backed with a valid COF and a five-year Fiat mechanical warranty, too.


We’re only just scratching the surface of the Swift range with this quick look at the Bolero 6 and 7 Series models (the Kon-tiki 669, for example, warrants an entirely separate feature story). But it’s plain to see there are options aplenty within cosy, premium-feel interiors on
offer here.

Iconic Motorhomes has been selling the Swift brand for long enough to know they’ve backed a winner. They also know these motorhomes inside and out, which should provide any would-be purchaser with extra peace of mind.

For more details, call 03 366 4364 or visit iconicmotorhomes.com.

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