Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review

Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review
Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review
Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review
Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review
Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 review

It might feature a sleek silhouette, but a trick pull-down second bed transforms the Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 into a family-sized home away from home.

A component of my freelance writing life involves testing vehicles less suited for living. Aside from the time I took a Ferrari California sports coupe camping for a magazine article (true story), I tend not to stow passenger vehicles I write about with pots, pans, and pyjamas.

In the world of performance cars, ‘RS’ generally signifies something different. An RS suffix on a nameplate refers—historically at least—to Rallye Sport, i.e. the really hot version. It is usually identified by cosy racing seats, a raspier exhaust note, and lots and lots of stickers.

Here, of course, RS refers to ‘Roof Sleeper’. But that doesn’t mean the Profila RS 720 from seasoned German motorhome manufacturer Eura Mobil is any less racy. With that low-line roof style and those stripes up the side, you could probably convince the rest of the campground that it is the performance model.


Rainer Zeltwanger from local Eura Mobil distributor can’t get enough of the latest crop of Eura Mobil models heading our way. The Auckland-headquartered importer landed several examples of the Profila T Mondial a few months ago along with its Profila RS 720 sibling.

The manufacturer builds its motorhomes for right-hand drive countries at the factory, too. There are no aftermarket conversions here, meaning the driver has peace of mind knowing that headlights and windscreen wiper mountings are suited to travel on Kiwi roads.

Both Profila models have been selling like the proverbial hotcakes (all three initial Profila vehicles brought in were sold immediately), exemplifying as they do, quality European fit and finish, with an effortless light and airy ‘apartment on wheels’ feel.

Structurally, sound fibreglass roof, walls and interior components, lightweight architectural detailing such as wood-free walls and robust fibreglass composite double floors, high-quality furniture and cabinetry design and European winter-spec heating are all common traits in every German-built Eura Mobil model.


The Profila range is what Eura Mobil refers to as their ‘semi-integrated’ line-up of more compact motorhomes, ranging in length from 5.99m (Profila T 590FB) to 7.41m (Profila T 730EB). The Profila RS is the Profila T with pull-down bed option and the layouts are otherwise similarly proportioned.

Despite its ‘roof sleeper’ format, it doesn’t feature the usual bulbous nose above the driver’s cab. Eura Mobil’s clever, svelte silhouette design incorporates a slimline fibreglass roof cassette that eliminates the bulge yet offers plenty of bedtime real estate above the living area.


The pull-down bed in the Profila RS sits flush in the ceiling, giving passengers a full standing height of 1.98m throughout the vehicle. The pull down bed provides 1.93m x 1.40m of comfortable sleeping space.

Cleverly, once folded down, the bed and mattress are positioned slightly out from the head-height storage cubbies at either side of the mechanism, which means that a bit of planning during daylight hours will have your book, glass of water, and anything else you might require at arm’s reach come nightfall.

A u-shaped storage shelf that sits flush around the outer edge of the driver’s cab (also at bed height once the roof sleeper has been pulled down) acts as a handy secondary shelf; perhaps somewhere to prop up the tablet device in order to watch that latest Netflix gem you’ve recently discovered.

Of course, the pull-down is the encore; the main act remains a full island-sited 2.0m x 1.40m queen bed at the rear.

Rainer says he has sold a couple of Profila RS models to families with younger children. The drop-down arrangement leaves plenty of space for four during the daytime (the bed folds up flush into the ceiling, so you don’t need to stoop when in that part of the cabin) and provides a sense of adventure for the little ones at night.


Curved cabinetry, light wood finishes, and aluminium-look metal accents are everywhere inside this premium motorhome.

In addition to the quality surface materials, the list of standard equipment is impressive—an ergonomically-designed kitchenette work bench with plenty of storage, 140-litre fridge, three-burner gas hob with glass cover, deep cupboards and soft-close dampened drawers feature amidships.


Towards the rear, a separate shower, bench toilet with wooden cover seat and plenty of bathroom storage are on offer, while convenience items such as LED lighting throughout, plenty of charging points, underfloor storage cubbies, Trumatic Combi 6E heating, a 160W solar panel, fully automated satellite dish and 19" flat screen TV are included. The Profila RS arrives with a three-year factory warranty that includes fixtures, fittings, and hinges, and a 10-year leak-tight factory warranty.

Every Eura Mobil model is Fiat Ducato-based, with the gutsy 110kW (150hp) engine paired with a semi-automatic six-speed transmission proving a trusted and familiar workhorse for Kiwi motorhomers.

The verdict

The Eura Mobil Profila RS is yet another example of excellent quality from a premium European motorhome builder. This manufacturer delivers the ‘apartment on wheels’ ambience that so many crave.

It might not be a race car despite the ‘RS’ signifier. But then, you would not want to race through your holiday at speed with such a competent, well-crafted home away from home at your disposal.

For more information, phone 021 266 3602.


  • Roof sleeper set-up suits younger families
  • Modern, light, and airy interior
  • Quality level of engineering and detailing inside and out


  • You’ll need to be in quick to order one, as this format is proving increasingly popular

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