CI Magis 85P motorhome review

By: Cameron Officer

CI Magis 85P motorhome review CI Magis 85P motorhome review
CI Magis 85P motorhome review CI Magis 85P motorhome review
CI Magis 85P motorhome review CI Magis 85P motorhome review
CI Magis 85P motorhome review CI Magis 85P motorhome review

The updated CI Magis 85P is now available on the all-new Fiat Ducato platform, making it a cut above.

After many years in the business, Shane Smale from New Zealand's only Caravans International Italy distributor, Walkabout Motorhome Sales, is certain of one thing when it comes to specifying a popular motorhome, standard equipment is key.

"I think it goes across the board for many things, but here in New Zealand we really like top of the range models," he tells me.

"People like to know they're getting a good quality machine and they like to know exactly what they're getting straight out of the gate. Some other brands will get people through the door with what seems like a good price, only to charge additional costs for extra features. We don't subscribe to that philosophy at all."

Shane says that the latest CI Motorhomes Magis 85P – the first Caravans International Italy model on the new Fiat Ducato platform – is proof positive of a good package at a good price. And it seems he knows what he's talking about; three-quarters of what he has on order from Europe is already pre-sold.

"It's very busy, but in a good way," he laughs. "I think our packaging, matched with the new product tells an obvious story for buyers."


Fiat built its five millionth Ducato last year and the factory in Italy produces a thousand Ducatos a day. CI Motorhomes manufactures 25 motorhomes per day, so the numbers – when compared with the local market volume – are big.

Magis _85P_1

Despite New Zealand being a small territory in the grand scheme of things though, Shane has been specifying Kiwi-bound vehicles from CI Motorhomes in a way that reflects local tastes for a number of years.

All CI Motorhomes models – including the new Magis 85P – feature 16" factory alloy wheels, rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights, LED daytime running lights and a touchscreen factory stereo system with integrated Bluetooth audio streaming and USB port. These are all items which other markets might not necessarily have as standard fitment, but Walkabout Motorhome Sales ensures all are present on Kiwi vehicles.

"It's my opinion that if you go for the basic model, the value just doesn't hold its own over time; specify everything you can when new and you'll have a motorhome that delivers more and retains a greater share of its resale value," says Shane.

Every New Zealand-sold Magis 85P is a low-line silhouette model featuring an automatic transmission, light-coloured interior timber and eco-leather for superior durability, rather than cheaper fabric trim.

Also, you won't find a CI Motorhomes Magis 85P sporting a French bed arrangement anymore; the manufacturer having deleted this less popular option over a year ago. Rather, every Walkabout Motorhome Sales-distributed Magis arrives with a choice of two single, or rear fixed central bed.


It's impossible to discuss the Magis 85P without dwelling on the details. Mainly because, taken together, there are so many impressive features contained therein.

Every Kiwi market Magis 85P comes with a reversing camera, four metre awning, 120w solar panel, four-frame bike rack, the usual suite of kitchen appliances, LED lighting (including tasteful under-bench and room perimeter mood lighting), a panoramic sunroof, double glazing on all windows and an integrated fly-screen in the rear entry door, as well as an 18.5" LED flat screen TV with Sky decoder and aerial. Buying from the official distributor also means local CI Motorhomes customers receive a five-year integrated warranty from the factory in Italy.

Walkabout Motorhome Sales also send every CI Motorhomes vehicle it sells out the door with 2000km road user charges taken care of, and that Magis 85P purchase price is inclusive of all other on-road costs.

Magis _85P_2


Before we leave the Magis 85P, it's worth noting the storage options this model boasts. Thanks to the review vehicle's single bed set-up on raised bases, both the external rear garage and the under-bed cubbies are generous. Each bed in its single 2070mm x 760mm configuration is backed with additional wall storage too. The singles can be joined via in-fill to create a large king-size bed.

There is an additional convertible double bed up the front, making this a four berth motorhome. Although every New Zealand market Magis 85P comes with five seatbelts as standard; handy for young families or the occasional visiting grandchildren.

The verdict

Featuring Fiat's 2.3-litre turbo diesel and the manufacturer's updated Ducato chassis, the Magis 85P from Caravans International Italy provides an excellent Euro-quality base which is built on with a rich array of standard equipment for the Kiwi market.

This is a box ticker of the highest order, yet with a price tag that will surprise with its modesty. As the distributor says, the Magis 85P features more of what everyone wants. That's a pretty good standard to aim for in our books.


  • Huge amount of storage
  • Fiat Ducato power
  • Lengthy standard equipment list


  • French bed fans need not apply

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