Kea Nomad 2+1 review

By: Peta Stavelli

Kea Nomad 2 1 review Kea Nomad 2 1 review
Kea Nomad 2 1 review Kea Nomad 2 1 review
Kea Nomad 2 1 review Kea Nomad 2 1 review
Kea Nomad 2 1 review Kea Nomad 2 1 review
Kea Nomad 2 1 review Kea Nomad 2 1 review

When Peta Stavelli clapped eyes on the Kea Nomad it was love at first sight, but like all good romances, there were some small potholes along the way. Check out her review.

I am wildly enthusiastic, but long enough in the tooth to know that the path to true love seldom runs smoothly.

This is a vehicle I would happily make my own. There were just some glitches – some speed bumps, if you like – and I am fairly certain that the wonderful folks at the RV Supercentre are factoring these into the ever-evolving design process, as we speak.

The Nomad we took away was seven months old and – as is usual with any offering from the RV Supercentre – hard to distinguish from new. It had been in the rental fleet and now the time had come to sell it on.

Road test

We could not find fault with the on-road performance of the Nomad’s 2.2 L, 4 cylinder turbo diesel – as you would rightly expect from a trusty Mercedes motor. She drove brilliantly and handled exceptionally well throughout the trip.

And, while my co-pilot and I are both happy to drive a standard gearbox, we have come to enjoy far more the dynamic range of a seven-speed automatic transmission.

The cab seats were exceptionally comfortable and I was over the moon to discover that the usual stiffness in hip joints I experience on long journeys was completely absent. And we were also enamoured of the reversing camera.


On my first trial of the kitchen I was reminded of the challenges of preparing food in a motorhome. For me this is always exacerbated by everything being new to me as each test vehicle is unique. I have found it pays to be exceptionally well organised, because it is a constant shuffle between having the sink top closed to create more bench space and having it open to rinse and clear.

A foldaway bench extension would have been welcome, and I believe this could be placed beside the sliding door, and still allow plenty of room to exit the vehicle while meal preparation was underway. I would also have liked a tea towel rack in this vicinity, as it seems to make more sense than the existing one which is tucked away around the corner by the table and settee, under the TV.

There was plenty of room for all our cooking needs on the three-burner stove, but this again highlighted a minor issue which I felt would have been rectified by a small lip beside the stove to stop any potential for leaking pots spoiling the lovely upholstery.


Bed and bathroom

It was after an extended happy hour, a lovely long meal, and delightful chat that we first tested the ease of bed making and found it came up trumps.

But before I could slide (gracefully) into the sack it was time to clean my teeth. You know how it goes. You’re head down over the hand-basin, mouth awash with peppermint foam and – good little water saver, you – you turn on the tap to rinse.

And suddenly you’re drenched. That’s right: wet, wet, wet.

Fortunately I am a good sport and found this all quite amusing at the time (bubbles at happy hour, I have found to be somewhat of an elixir). So I did not let the drenching from the overhead shower rose dampen my spirits. But the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that not installing a two-way tap that could be either a basin tap or shower rose at the push of a tiny button, was a major design oversight.

I thought the design of the third bed was pure genius. I loved the way the rear passenger seat rotated to 90 degrees to convert to a large single. Judging by the exceptional comfort of our king-size rear bed, I would expect the single bed to be similarly designed for a great sleep.

The verdict

Overall, the Kea Nomad 2+1 is my kind of vehicle, and certainly one I would consider ideal for an active retiree or entry level buyer looking for all the bells and whistles in a compact and nippy roadster.


  • Storage options
  • Exceptionally comfortable cab seats
  • All three beds
  • Cosy and economical


  • Bathroom tap
  • Kitchen design needs tweaking

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