TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X review

By: Cameron Officer

Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X
Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X
Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X
Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X Motorhome review: TrailLite Landmark Oakura 763X

Need lots of capacity and huge reserves of fresh water, yet don't want a motorhome that drives like a heavy-duty house bus? TrailLite might have the answer you're looking for in the updated 700 Series range.

Taking it all with you – that's the aim of the game. But ensuring enough room, enough storage, enough payload capacity and enough fresh water is a difficult equation to manage if you don't want to stretch to a heavy-duty motorhome.

That is it used to be a tough ask. TrailLite's newly revised Landmark Oakura 763X could very well answer many aspects of that paradox.

Base, not basic…

Wait a minute though, compact? Car-like? This is an Iveco we're talking about – a brand synonymous with heavy-duty commercial workhorses.

But actually, there's a real surprise in store here. TrailLite is the first New Zealand manufacturer to have access to an all-new updated Iveco platform and it provides for a big contrast with its predecessor.

The new Iveco benefits from a number of improvements, including a new eight-speed automatic transmission, standard electronic stability control and dual rear-wheel drive for better, more power and all important torque from the drivetrain (153kW and 470Nm respectively), yet a more frugal engine overall, boasting both improved fuel efficiency and carbon emissions figures.

For driver and passengers, the good news is that front airbags are accompanied for the first time by side curtain airbags. Iveco has improved on the tactile stuff too, with clear gauges and refined-looking switchgear for all the cab's comfort settings (climate control air conditioning is now standard as well).

The front seats swivel to face the rear as you'd expect and in their forward-facing position, the 700 Series cockpit chairs offer proper walk-thru egress to the living area. There's definitely plenty of room here; the feeling of space through the access channel to the cab augmented by the large skylight set into the contoured roofline above.

Trail 763X_6


The most important thing to remember at this end of TrailLite's comprehensive range is that part of the entry price for the premium Landmark grade gets you one-on-one consultation with TrailLite's in-house interior designer.

So it’s worth bearing in mind that the bespoke build aspect to the Landmark Oakura 763X makes our review vehicle a true one-off.

Entering amidships, the tastefully appointed kitchen facing you features high quality Hafele cabinetry hardware and a decent square of stone benchtop. The four-burner gas hobs sit under a glass cover, above a Thetford compact oven.

A stainless steel rangehood, stainless steel undermount with insert sink and drainer, a splash-back, water filter and stainless steel appliances (the 190-litre fridge/freezer sits opposite, to the right of the entrance), give the instant ambience of a modern apartment.

At the rear the queen size north/south island bed sits rather high to allow for the large capacity garage underneath, although steps up on either side make accessing slumber a cinch. What's more, the carpeted steps are side-hinged, revealing more storage within (the bed also incorporates drawers for clothes and/or linen within the base).

Turn to face the way you came in and the Oakura 763X's bathroom reveals itself – shower with inbuilt drying rack on the right, separate Thetford chemical toilet and nicely appointed hand basin on the left. Again, at this end of TrailLite's spectrum, you get to colour match your environment to suit your personal tastes.

Cleverly, in swinging the toilet door out to 90 degrees, it meets with the divider between the kitchen and bedroom areas, creating a surrogate bedroom door and instant privacy.

Trail 763X_5

The verdict

Weight and height have both been reduced in the Landmark Oakura 763X, resulting in a sleeker looking vehicle overall which – along with updated dynamics and driver safety features from Iveco – provides for an easier, predictable on-road driving experience.

Yet within this more compact frame there are still storage solutions everywhere and the ability to really get away from it all with impressive 375-litre fresh water and 200-litre grey water tank capacities.

Add to that a remarkable level of attention to detail in the sumptuous interior and you've got a premium grade motorhome that sits right in the sweet spot.

For further information call 0800 872 455.


  1. Impressive quality of fit and finish and level of specification
  2. Interior design consultation aspect adds a personal touch
  3. Capacities mixed with sleek mid-size platform creates a great package
  4. Decently proportioned garage


  • It's a big investment (but we feel you do get what you pay for)
  • Steps up to the queen bed won't suit everyone
  • A low divider between bench top and back of half-booth squab would be a good saver of fabric in a soapsuds spill-over 

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