Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan

By: Bill Savidan

Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan
Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan
Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan Bailey Unicorn Vigo caravan

Since 1948, UK manufacturer Bailey has produced around 165,000 RVs, most of them representing the one in three caravans sold in that nation, so they know what they are doing. The Unicorn Vigo with a rear bathroom and east-west island bed is their latest rendition.

Like the other UK caravans reviewed (see related articles, below), the Vigo has the conservatory lounge with a tall curved front window and adjacent roof hatch allowing sunlight to flood the lounge, though I suspect the blinds could get a good workout at the height of summer.

The medium brown mendish ash cabinetry laminate has a satin finish with gloss highlights. The fabric décor is tones of chocolate and coffee with gold and white leaf patterns on the cushions. Restrained, understated and comfortable.

Bailey research confirmed caravans are more stable if they are loaded correctly. They do not have front lockers, spare wheels are carried under their caravans and the dedicated LPG locker is located amidship over the axle.

Not having a front boot means they can move the twin settees further forward. This increases the seating room because the cabinet that previously sat between the settees is now positioned under the front windowsill. The pullout tabletop is still available for 'tea for two'.

Overhead, the side lockers have been slimmed down a tad and fitted with flat doors increasing the width of the caravan at shoulder height. Two clever changes that make the interior seem bigger than previous model.

The wide-curved end of the kitchen bench provides a welcome haven for the cook alongside the walkway between lounge and bedroom as well as providing 750mm by 400mm of clear bench top. There is a microwave above the full-sized oven and opposite is Dometic's new 133-litre Tower refrigerator. The narrow tall design allows two rows of tall bottles to be stored in the door shelves with a third row available for shorter items. The extra shelf seems to make items in the fridge easier to find.

Like most east-west beds, the one in the Vigo has two lengths; a daytime retracted length to allow easier access around the foot of the bed; and the nighttime full-length position for sleeping; a workable arrangement once you are used to it. The inner sprung mattress on a slat base sits between two cabinets with side tabletops and a hanging clothes locker above, a standard arrangement with plenty of storage for clothes and personal items.

The bathroom is spacious with a separate shower and dry space for the toilet and hand basin. Again, a standard arrangement with all the necessary cupboards, shelves, hooks and rails. The radiator behind the toilet announces the Vigo is fitted with the Alde 3020 radiator heating system. The Vigo has a GVW of 1500kgs and a payload of 154kgs.

Examining this Bailey product it becomes apparent why Bailey sell one in three of all caravans sold in the UK. It is well made, beautifully presented and displays innovative improvements that suggest Bailey seeks customer feedback on how to improve their products, and acts on it.

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