Caravan review: Jurgens Narooma J2607

By: Lawrence Schäffler

Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 For a family with three children, the bunks can be swapped for a three-tier layout. Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 The decor. the style, and the quality of finish will have you suitably impressed. Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 The size of the kitchen/dining area will allow you to unleash your gastronomic flair. Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 The Narooma is a perfectly family-oriented touring caravan. Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607
Jurgens Narooma J2607 Jurgens Narooma J2607

You'd be forgiven for being a little confused when viewing Jurgens' new Narooma J2607 caravan. It's billed as a family caravan but this tourer's actually a very elegant piece of manufacturing. Lawrence Schäffler reports.

Jurgen Specs

There's no arguing with the seven-metre Narooma's family-oriented design. It's equipped with loads of practical, easy-living features, including an outside shower, a low (drawbar-mounted) tap for washing muddy feet and boots, a fixed bike rack at the rear, a pull-out BBQ (an optional extra), a large Dometic pull-out awning and a small but convenient picnic table built into the side.

Inside, the caravan's divided into four distinct areas: the main bedroom up front (dominated by a north-south, queen-sized island bed), the kitchen and dinette in the centre, the children's double bunk in the rear, and just opposite, the shower and toilet (separate).

All very sensible and perfectly suited to a young touring family of four. But it's the finesse – the décor, the style, and the quality of the finish — that raises your eyebrows. It's quite far removed from an industrial-grade, child-proof 'family 'van'.

I particularly like the layout. By creating permanent berths at opposite ends of the caravan, the designers have been given greater scope to come up with a fixed, very stylish dinette – it doesn't need to double as a fold-out bed. Ready-made beds in a caravan are appealing – being able to stumble contentedly from dinner to bed is always a pleasure. No squab jigsaws to rearrange.

The interior has a very European feel to it, the pale timber cabinetry contrasting nicely with the dark grey surface of the kitchen benchtop and dinette table. Add in the light-coloured floor and cream leather upholstery – complemented by recessed LED lighting… The overall sense is warm, cosy, and elegant.

Jurgen _Narooma _11

It is worth it to point out that even though the Narooma's marketed as a family caravan, it could easily cater to two couples. The bunk beds in the rear measure 700mm x 1895mm. It can also accommodate families with three children – an optional layout sees the double bunks swapped for a three-tier arrangement.

Kitchen and dinette

Preparing family-size meals in a caravan often tests the chef's space-management skills, but he/she won't be pressed by the Narooma's facilities – there's lots of room to unleash your gastronomic flair. A key factor in the sense of space is the large fridge/freezer, located alongside the kitchen, rather than directly opposite it (the latter arrangement often restricts movement while the chef's in full cry).

Working space is further enhanced by the L-shaped kitchen bench (with the large sink set slightly away from the surface area). With the cooker's fold-down cover in place, it all makes for a generous food-preparation area.

The kitchen's equipped with a four-plate cooker (three gas burners, one electric) with an oven/grill below. When hooked up to campsite power you'll probably favour the microwave, conveniently mounted at eye level.
There are plenty of drawers and overhead storage, but I especially like the kitchen's roller-door lockers – a good space-saving design.

Opposite is the dinette with its L-shaped bench seat. The table shifts on both axes, and is easy to position precisely to the family/guest seating requirements.

Easy towing

Much of the Narooma's appeal, I suspect, will derive from its easy-tow attributes. It's a low-profile caravan with sleek aerodynamic contouring (it stands 2.8m high and is 2.45m wide) — and less drag is always a big plus for safety and the all-important fuel-saving equation.

It also weighs in at a relatively trim 2250kg (tare) and is equipped with an AL-KO coupling (designed to promote stability by absorbing the knuckle-whitening effects of undulating roads, wind buffeting, and snaking). Furthermore, it rides on double axles carrying sharp-looking 16-inch alloy wheels, and is fitted with rubber suspension and electronic braking. All up, a stress-free towing experience.

Our tow vehicle, as the images reflect, was a resplendent supercharged, five-litre, V8 Range Rover. It's a glorious machine, but way over-powered for what you'll need for the Narooma. A medium-sized V6 will do nicely. Of course, if your budget extends to the luxurious Range Rover (expect to spend around $223,000), then, why not?

Jurgen _Narooma _9

Our verdict

Adventurous families given to freedom touring will enjoy the Narooma's long-range capacities. It's equipped with twin 80-litre water tanks and carries two 4.5kg gas bottles. But there's only one 105 amp-hour battery for power, so true freedom campers might consider adding another.

The caravan's also fitted with a reverse cycle air-conditioning unit (catering for sweltering days or chilly nights), and its thermal characteristics are complemented by double-glazed windows and Duratherm walls. Jurgens likes to accentuate the structural integrity of its caravans – and why not?

The Narooma rides on the company's renowned Optima galvanised chassis (in this case, Optima is shorthand for tough and durable), with a one-piece Integra floor (bolted and bonded to the chassis for strength). On top is a one-piece Uniskin roof (no joints, so there's no possibility of a leak). The company backs its products with a three-year factory warranty.

The base model Narooma will lighten your wallet by $79,900. Fitted with a number of optional extras, the review model is available for $82,500. The extras include outside speakers, the pull-out BBQ, leather upholstery, and 16-inch alloy wheels (15-inch wheels are standard).

Families will enjoy this caravan – it's nicely-appointed, well-built, very comfortable, and bursting with good, practical features. I may be of an age where my tolerance levels are no longer what they once were, but I'd make absolutely sure the children wash their hands (using the outside tap) after tea and jam sandwiches.

For more information contact Andrew Fink on (07) 850 5512.

Thumbs up

  • The fixed-bed accomodation
  • Family-friendly features
  • Easy towing

Thumbs down

  • Probably needs an extra battery

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