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Lifestyle Magnum RV Lifestyle Magnum RV
Lifestyle Magnum RV Wake from a luxurious sleep to a big view. Lifestyle Magnum RV
Lifestyle Magnum RV The galley is practical and spacious with excellent appliances. Lifestyle Magnum RV
Lifestyle Magnum RV Murray McPherson stands beside the nine-metre motorhome. Lifestyle Magnum RV

Peta Stavelli steps up — and up some more — to revel in the luxury of Lifestyle Motorhome’s MAN-sized Magnum motorhome.

Murray McPherson had been working in his own electrical company for more than 25 years when he was asked to design and install an electrical system into a motorhome. He didn't know it at the time, but this installation was to lead to a change of focus, and the birth — in 2001 — of innovative Ashburton company Lifestyle Motorhomes.

Lifestyle Magnum RV

We head out to the yard to look over the latest build, a nine-metre motorhome. Climbing into the Lifestyle Magnum RV was made easy with the fold-out fibreglass steps.


Murray's brother, Bruce, had already deployed the slide-out, so it was easy to feel as if I'd entered an apartment, rather than a motorhome. In fact, the vehicle seemed spacious even when the dining room slide-out was returned at the flick of a switch. There's a feeling of space, which owes much to the light-filled cab, and even more to the bonded windows.

Lifestyle -Magnum -RV-2This innovative window system allows for the installation of flush picture windows, which open like a domestic window, dramatically framing the views and bringing the outdoors in in a way that would make your average house blush. It was easy to imagine myself with my drink of choice in my hand, soaking in the views of my favourite place from the dinette, or upon waking in the generous master bedroom. This is definitely the life, enhanced, no doubt, by insect screens and blinds on all windows.

And if the kitchen is the heart of the home, the galley must be the soul of the ship — or motorhome. Whipping up a storm should be a breeze in the Magnum's full-sized galley, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphors. A full-size pull-out pantry offers loads of storage — a theme continued throughout the vehicle.

Formica benchtops, that look more granite, create a seamless, sturdy-looking preparation surface and cunningly hide a 2.5kg washing machine. Other appliances include a Thetford oven and grill with Camec rangehood; Dometic 190-litre three-way fridge with freezer; a Camec microwave; 250 watts of solar power; and a generous 400 litres of freshwater.

A full home theatre system will take care of any wet day blues. I loved the wide-screen TV above the windscreen. And the second TV in the boudoir was so discreet it had to be pointed out to me. As did the deliberately discreet LED strip lights which would really enhance the mood of the evening.

The bathroom is generous, with a full-sized shower, together with a porcelain vanity and toilet. Classy. And when it comes to cleaning up after your ablutions, the Magnum system couldn't be easier. The empty blackwater tank and hose is flushed with greywater, which makes for easier cleaning.

The Lifestyle Magnum RV has seatbelts for five passengers. Accordingly, the dining snug in the slide-out converts to a double bed, while the settee opposite makes for an easy single. And the master bedroom is as seductive a space as is possible to achieve in a motorhome, combining as it does privacy with the aforementioned views to live for. You'd be hard-placed to find a better place to take to your bed.Lifestyle -Magnum -RV-1


This is one smooth mover for anyone with a Class 2 vehicle licence. And while I've never driven a truck before, there has to be a first time for everything — and it was not difficult to persuade me to get behind the wheel. Especially as we were parked on a broad grass reserve adjacent to the lake, with the nose of the vehicle pointing away from it.

Having satisfied myself there was no one nearby that I could put in immediate danger, I turned the key, eased into drive (which was as simple as the turn of a dial), and released the dinky handbrake. Trucking is clearly not what it used to be. There was no man-sized paraphernalia to wrangle with. In fact, the new MAN is positively delicate — or so it seemed to me.


I was relaxed and happy — and completely convinced that this was indeed the lifestyle to which I could aspire, if money was no object.


Price $346,000
Make MAN
Model TSL 8.210
Year 2014
Length 9.850m
Rego N/A
Km 4500
Fuel type Diesel
Transmission Automatic
Engine 830Nm torque @1400 RAM 4.6L
Licence class Class 2

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