Jayco Base Station

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We check out the latest Toy Hauler from Jayco and South Auckland Caravans, the Base Station

Jayco Base Station
Jayco Base Station
  • Huge storage area at rear
  • Sleeps up to eight
  • Built in mechanics rack
  • Plenty of creature comforts

Developed by Jayco in Australia and designed for those with a spirit for adventure or who like to roam with a purpose in mind, The Base Station occupies a niche spot in the market. But for the family or enthusiast keen to readily transport their sports and leisure equipment to remote locations there really isn’t anything better.

Essentially what you get with the Base Station is a half caravan, half workshop/garage whilst retaining that all important comfort factor. For our typical audience, the space may be utilized to store bicycles, watercraft or scooters.

There is a huge storage area at the rear of the vehicle – just under 11m3. And the back end opens and doubles as a ramp and can also convert into a sundeck. As well as plenty of storage space, the rear compartment contains a handy built-in mechanic’s rack, and is linked to the front by an internal doorway. Another use might be for those who own a holiday section and are in the early stages building a bach, you can get the materials and tools you need to the site and still live comfortably.

And the good thing is that living compartment has not been completely compromised – the creature comforts are all there for the guys and gals when they return to base. The Base Station (there are both on and off-road models) can sleep up to eight people: two in the front compartment, with a fold-out double bed extending outside the vehicles super-structure; two on the dinette, with an optional converter; and two on the fold-down singles in the garage compartment, where there is also the option of double bunks.

Weighing in at 2100kg, with a towball weight of 178kg and a payload of 600kg, the Base Station has a body length of 6.34m (20ft 10in), and is 2.42m (7ft 11in) wide. Interior height is 1.97m (6ft 6in).

The off-road Outback model has an under-slung axle for higher ground clearance, 15cm (6in) chassis for superior strength, checker plate side panel, mud flaps and off-road 38cm (15in) tyres.

The only issue we found with the standard road version of The Base Station is the location of the spare wheel and its mounting brackets. It is positioned under the front metal A-frame.

As such it’s got about 8 inches of clearance from the tarmac so trying to take it up a gravel access road was out of the question – actually getting it to the motocross track was an issue, easily solved though by relocating the spare wheel and mounting brackets to the top of the A-frame. If you’re planning on regularly using the Base Station in more of an off-road setting we’d suggest going with the Outback model for higher ground clearance.

Auckland’s local Jayco distributor is selling this particular Base Station at a discounted price of $49,995, so it’s a very affordable option. If you are interested in learning more about The Base Station get in touch with Glen at South Auckland Caravans or email caravancentre@xtra.co.nz.

Base Station features include:

  • Comfortable living interior featuring Euro-style furniture and contemporary décor and quality soft furnishings
  • A three-way Dometic RM 2553 refrigerator
  • SMEV four-burner stove (with one 240V electric element), 12V range-hood, and microwave oven
  • 12V lighting system including bed lights
  • Shower and chemical toilet
  • Double mattress (1.45m or 4ft 9in)
  • Fold down bunk bed in garage area
  • Large recessed sink
  • Jumbo storage boot at the front of the vehicle with side door access
  • Alloy wheel rims
  • Built-in mechanics rack.


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