Bürstner Aero Van

By: Steve Vermeulen, Photography by: Steve Vermeulen

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Bürstner’s Aero Van is a smart looking and aerodynamically efficient model available in just one high specification to make life easy

Bürstner Aero Van
Bürstner Aero Van
  • Clever use of space
  • Modern and luxurious interior
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Great power and handling characteristics
  • Good storage for a vehicle this size

The Bürstner Aero Van is a brand new addition to the European brand’s model line-up, and with the exception of simple engine and upholstery options, is available in one high-end specification only.

And trust me, this is a stunner. The Aero Van’s navy blue exterior is a refreshingly modern look, but those sleek body mouldings don’t just work aesthetically – this is the first motorhome to be developed in a wind tunnel to maximise aerodynamics.

Interior and layout

The modern exterior imparts a compact appearance and disguises the real space on offer when you open the door, and once inside there’s no question you’re standing in something pretty special. I was immediately drawn to the ivory leather upholstery that covers the front swivel seats and the dining area, which consists of a bench seat for two, the two captain’s chairs and another comfy chair to the side.

They’re all positioned with room to move around the dinette and a simple rotating extension. Behind that side chair is a bread-basket blind that can house a 17" television on a swivel arm. Local distributors of Bürstner, Barrons RV in Taupo, is a one-stop shop for all your accessory requirements as well, so it can assist in picking a suitable on-board cinema to fit the space.

Looking around, I spied a second blind under the corner of the bed, which provides the perfect cubby for storing shoes overnight. The attractive brushed aluminium treatments complement the rich, walnut grain timber and leather. The bed is inviting, too, with adjustable head supports and, despite the tapered edge to maximise space, it’s still a good size.

The kitchen offers a very usable L-shaped bench top, massive pantry and cupboard space, a three-burner cooker, stylish mirror-faced oven and a huge fridge. But it’s the shape of the kitchen that is the biggest advantage, creating more room to move around so one can be preparing a meal while another is opening the fridge, or coming and going from the bathroom.

Contemporary European design carries through to the washroom also; there’s a separate toilet/shower and the silver bowl hand basing can swivel out of the way for extra space. The shower can be enclosed with acrylic shields to protect the surrounding cabinetry.

The whole interior is bathed in plenty of natural light thanks to three Heiki skylights and a generous glass house, paired with contemporary privacy blinds, and you’re kept snug with standard central heating.

External storage options are adequate for a vehicle this size, with a useful rear compartment accessed by a wide aperture, hydraulically assisted cover. You’ll get a small inflatable/outboard in here or the obligatory golf bags no problem.

Performance and handling

On the road the Aero Van proves itself as a fantastic performer both in terms of performance and stability. The vehicle’s lightweight construction and potent diesel powerhouse enable acceleration that would rival some cars. This model was fitted with the basic 95kW, 2.2 diesel engine and while two more powerful engines are available at request, this genuinely is all you need.

The Aero Van climbed hills easily at 100km/h. This is a low-chassis version of the Sprinter platform to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity, which greatly improves handling characteristics. To this end the Aero Van is genuinely one of the most enjoyable, fuss free motorhomes to drive that I’ve tested.

And that aerodynamic wind tunnel testing aids all of this by not only keeping the vehicle stable at motorway speeds, wind noise is minimal and combined with Mercedes’ excellent diesel technology, fuel economy is also maximised. And as an added bonus it’s well catered in terms of impact resilience. There’s belted seating for four.

It’s at the upper end of the price spectrum, but given the desirable look and feel on offer you have to expect to pay a little extra.


Base vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313
Engine: 2.2 litre diesel
Power: 95kW @ 3800rpm
Torque: 305Nm @ 1200 rpm
Power supply: 240v / 90Ah house battery
Toilet: cassette
Shower: separate
Cooker: 3 burner
Heating: Diesel
Fresh water: 120 litres
Grey water: 90 litres


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