Dual Battery Slider

By: Bill Savidan

Dual Battery Slider
Dual Battery Slider

This heavy-duty battery slider, available through Serada or its agents, provides a practical solution to the problem of gaining easy access to your house batteries. Now you can consider locating batteries in a space that previously may not have been suitable because of the difficulty of gaining access for regular maintenance.

If batteries are hard to get at, it is only human nature to avoid doing the regular checks necessary for the good health of these expensive items. It is so much easier to check fluid levels and that all the connections are clean if the batteries are presented to you free of obstruction and at a convenient height.

Note that the base of the battery slider needs to be attached firmly to a solid base because of the heavy leverage obtained when the battery-laden drawer is opened. The zinc-plated ball bearing sliders have a dual locking safety system to hold the slider either open or closed. A battery holding strap is included.

The dimensions are: closed 395w x 400d x 90h mm; and extended 710mm (with locks 745mm). Battery Compartment: 355d x 335w.  Serada part number SA3690-003.

Prices are available from your local agent. Mention 'Gearing Up'.

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