Kumara crostini with blue cheese, pear and walnut

By: Nikki and Jordan Shearer

MasterChef NZ runners-up, Nikki and Jordan Shearer's kumara crostini with blue cheese, pear and walnut

Kumara -crostini

Makes approximately 20

Usually, crostini is made using small slices of grilled or toasted bread. We decided to substitute the bread with deliciously crunchy kumara slices.

Make sure the kumara is sliced thin, otherwise you may have trouble getting them crispy. If you are not a big blue cheese fan, this is a good recipe to try as the blue cheese flavour is not strong and you can play around with the ratio of cream cheese to blue cheese according to your palate.


  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1 orange kumara, peeled and thinly sliced (we used a mandolin)
  • 2 Tbsp spreadable cream cheese
  • 80g blue cheese (we used ‘Over the Moon’)
  • 2 pears, cored, thinly sliced, and coated in lemon juice to stop
  • discolouration
  • 12 fresh walnuts, shelled and halved
  • Fresh thyme
  • Sea salt


  1. In a medium fry pan, heat the oil and test temperature by placing one kumara slice into oil. It should immediately sizzle but not brown too quickly. Fry each slice until crisp and golden, turning to ensure even cooking. Keep an eye on the temperature of the oil so they do not burn. Remove and drain on paper towels to remove excess oil.
  2. Combine cheeses and whip until smooth and blended. 
  3. Add seasoning.
  4. Just before serving, top the kumara slices with one teaspoon cheese mixture. Top with two slices of pear, one piece of walnut, and a sprig of thyme. Sprinkle with salt.

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