Champagne jelly oysters on pistachio crumb

By: Nikki and Jordan Shearer

Masterchef NZ runners up Nikki and Jordan Shearer's latest recipe is for champagne jelly oysters on pistachio crumb.

Oyster -jelly

Makes one dozen

If you want to keep your oysters ‘au naturel’ but would like to add some texture, then this is the dish for you. The champagne jelly delivers a fresh citrus punch and the pistachio crumb provides the necessary crunch. Served on oyster shells, it screams decadence and elegance. A perfect dish to serve as an appetiser at your next dinner party.


  • 4 gelatin leaves bloomed in cold water (see below)
  • 50ml water
  • Juice from 2 large lemons, strained to remove any pulp
  • 200ml champagne or sparkling wine
  • 2 slices Vogel's bread
  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 1 Tbsp fresh thyme, finely chopped
  • 2 Tbsp pistachio nuts, finely chopped
  • One dozen fresh oysters


  1. To bloom the gelatin leaves, place into cold water until soft. Remove from water and squeeze to remove excess liquid.
  2. Heat the 50ml water, lemon juice and wine until warm.
  3. Take off the heat and whisk in the bloomed gelatin.
  4. Pour into a 250 by 150cm tray and refrigerate until set.
  5. Pulse the bread into crumb.
  6. Melt the butter in a small pan and then add the breadcrumbs.
  7. Toast until golden.
  8. Remove from heat and add the thyme and pistachio nuts.

To serve

  1. Place the crumb on the base of each oyster shell.
  2. Place an oyster on top of the crumb.
  3. Chop the jelly into small cubes and place two or three on each oyster.
  4. Cover a serving platter with ice cubes and serve the oysters on top of the ice.

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