Hundreds of RVs break records in Aussie

Two world records were broken with the help of hundreds of motorhomers last month. Our Australian writer Malcom Street was there to get in on the action.

Our Australian correspondent Malcolm Street recently joined hundreds of other motorhomers across the Tasman in a record-breaking event!


Last month in Barcaldine (central Queensland) the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club (ALMC) decided to have a go at breaking two Guinness World Records.

The first was for the Largest Parade of Camping Vehicles (RVs) – currently held by the Italians at 672 vehicles. The other was for the Longest Connected Image of LED Rope Lights hts – currently held by the Chinese, with a length of 655 metres.

Subject to verification, both records have been well and truly broken! Over a weekend, 5987 metres of unbroken rope lights were laid out, considerably beating the old record.


To do this and to get ready for the Largest Parade of RVs attempt the next day, about 9.5km of RVs in every imaginable shape and size were parked nose to tail along a very quiet country road overnight.

To get the Largest Parade of Camping Vehicles record, the line of RVs actually has to be moving. That meant the 872 vehicles that were registered for the event stretched to more than 15km of RVs on the road.

It was a great effort by the RV community, including a considerable number of Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) members.

There’s no doubt that the town of Barcaldine and surrounding areas benefited greatly by having the population more than double for the best part of a week.

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