Mighway pays NZ motorhome owners $4 million

Online booking service Mighway is delighted to have reached the milestone of $4 million paid out to New Zealand motorhome owners who have listed on their platform

Mighway offers the motorhome community not only a way to share their adventures with likeminded travellers, but a potential means of upgrading their motorhome, to afford those luxurious extras and pay off their finance debt. 


Just like Airbnb, but specifically for motorhomes, Mighway has enabled over 1000 New Zealand motorhome owners to earn over $4 million in just the past two years, simply by renting out their motorhome or campervan when they are not using it.

With a unique rental industry background, Mighway is a part of New Zealand’s very own world-leading motorhome tourism business THL, and provides all the tools needed for easy renting. All guests are fully covered by Mighway’s comprehensive insurance.

You choose to accept or decline any bookings and of course reserve the vehicle for your own use. Mighway ensures secure payment on your behalf and provides 24/7 support.

There are two service options available. Mighway Local owners get to share their passion for their own motorhome and specific region.

Mighway makes it easy to rent out your RV

They store and service their own vehicle, manage booking enquiries and deal with guests directly for pick-up and collection. Mighway Managed owners benefit from convenient storage, plus the team at Mighway takes care of all the bookings, guest interactions, cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Head of Market Development, Nick Auld, says, "Owners can make their motorhome work smarter for them and their family. The earnings can be substantial and can really help contribute to their motorhome lifestyle as well as enhance the next phase of your adventure."  

For more information visit mighway.com/ownersnz.

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