ACM tests their ACM Platinum 8.3 motorhome


ACM recently headed to Pukekohe raceway for some high speed, stability, and braking testing on the ACM Platinum 8.3 motorhome

Auckland Coach & Motorhomes (ACM) owner Chris Curnard says, "We wanted to make sure our low centre of gravity design was worth the effort, and also to get a better understanding of our motorhome stability, which as far as I’m aware we are now the first in New Zealand to have tested."

And Chris was thrilled with the outcome. "We left the track feeling over the moon, as in the high-end market of $250k-plus we are the only ones with the tanks etc below the chassis rails, which meant we were able to hit 50km corners at over 120km with very little body roll and still very much in control. It also made high speed braking and over-correction a breeze."

"We understand that, while most motorhomes would never go travel this at these speeds, we can be confident that our low centre of gravity workmanship is one more step forward toward making the motorhome safer for our end users."

Video: ACM Platinum 8.3 motorhome

Check out the video here.


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