NZ’s first e-bike expo

E-bikes are growing so rapidly in popularity that NZ is getting its first ever expo, connecting e-bike suppliers and distributors with the public

The event takes place on the weekend of 10 and 11 November 2018 at The Cloud on Queens Wharf in Auckland and promises plenty to check out, try out, and take in around e-bikes.


Organiser Marleen Goedhart, Icon Events managing director, says the time is right for the inaugural event. "Globally, e-bikes are rapidly bringing back the enjoyment and excitement of cycling without the hard work.

"Powered by practically invisible compact batteries and small but powerful electric motors, they combine the best of both worlds to deliver an enjoyable, fast, and convenient way to get around."

It’s capturing the attention of a wide range of audiences, from the young and hip, to those who might have recently had a new hip. That’s because the low-cost, high-fun factor of a bicycle that combines good old-fashioned pedal power with modern batteries and electric motors is revolutionising transport and exercise.

"It’s the best of both worlds and the real advantage for e-bikes as a commuter solution is that they eliminate the unpleasant aspects of cycling to work. The motor keeps the exercise to a minimum if so desired, so ‘no sweat’, and you can wear your normal office clothes, too," Marleen adds.

Running an e-bike is inexpensive, with a complete charge costing around 10c. That ‘tiny’ bit of electricity can propel you for up to 70km at 32km/h. The rider can choose to pedal as much or as little as they want.

Marleen says it’s the sheer fun factor as well as the versatility of an e-bike, which makes it such a compelling argument for relieving traffic congestion. "This is a form of transport that is simultaneously a form of leisure and entertainment.

"Get the wind in your hair again, see your city up close and personal, using the many cycleways in Auckland or elsewhere, and feel young again. And you can check it all out in detail and have a go at the eBike Expo."

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