Introducing EVRoam

Range anxiety will be an issue of the past for EV drivers with the introduction of EVRoam—a freely available public charging network for EVs in NZ

In a move to transition New Zealand towards a carbon neutral transport future, the NZTA in collaboration with industry partners, such as ChargeNet and Vector, has introduced a real-time database of public charging infrastructure for EV drivers.

EVRoam, launched by Associate Minister of Transport, Hon. Julie Anne Genter, earlier in July, provides a single view of safe, reliable, and interoperable public charging network for electric vehicles in New Zealand.


Range anxiety is one of the biggest reasons that put off most people from purchasing an electric vehicle. ChargeNet CEO Steve West says with EVRoam,

EV drivers will be able to access all information about the chargers—where they are, what makes and models they support, and whether they’re operational or not.

The software collects data directly from all electric vehicle charging infrastructure providers in New Zealand and provides it freely on a wide range of existing websites, apps, and maps, such as the NZTA’s website, the NZ Automobile Association website, and TomTom. "Charging infrastructure is no longer isolated in single-purpose apps but is now widely available for third parties to use as a ‘single source of truth’ for New Zealand public charging infrastructure, 

NZTA’s director of safety and environment, Harry Wilson says.

"This has been made possible by a collaborative effort across energy and automotive partners. In this respect, it is a world first, helping New Zealand transition towards a low emission transport future. This collaboration is a credit to our energy industry, already world-renowned for its over 80 percent renewable profile."

He added that from a Transport Agency perspective, EVRoam would help to identify potential gaps in the charging infrastructure and continue to work together to ensure the transport system in New Zealand, and technology, responds to the needs of EV customers.

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