Introducing Coastal Solar

Coastal Motorhomes in Whakatane is taking solar power to homes and commercial businesses

The use of solar power has grown considerably in the RV industry, and the team at Coastal Motorhomes have expanded their skill and knowledge around low voltage systems including battery storage technology.

Solar -systems

"This is why we have branched out to large high voltage systems for both residential and commercial applications on or off the grid," Coastal Motorhomes owner Paul Farrell says.

"It has been a long-time mantra of ours to understand the products we sell and therefore be here for repairs, service, and back-up when required. That is a real advantage to those we have dealt with who are local. We have built a great reputation around New Zealand for products and service in the RV industry and our plan is to do the same in the solar industry.

"In addition, we have a long history with our preferred suppliers who import industry-leading brand in the solar world, which means we have great support when required."

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