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Join the e-bike trend! Check out the range available at Klevertech.

More and more Kiwis are joining the e-bike trend. One of the biggest drawcards of these nifty little bikes is that they provide a cost-effective means of transport, especially in congested cities such as Auckland. But the advantages of owning an e-bike extend beyond saving on fuel costs.

Mustang -R8-naked


"When it’s hot outside, you probably don’t want to go out riding an ordinary bike, but you do want to go riding an e-bike to catch the breeze," says Conrad Hensby-Bennett, owner of e-bike business Klevertech.

"When I had a pedal-only bike, I hardly ever used it. With an e-bike, I find excuses to use it every day."

Klevertech was established in 2017 and currently sells two types of e-bikes: e-GG Mustang and e-GG Pegasus. "These two styles cover all needs," Conrad says. "Both have three riding modes and can cover more than 40km on a 7c, three-hour charge. They also feature USB ports for charging devices such as smartphones and tablets."

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Conrad says Klevertech’s mission is to make brilliant technology affordable for everyone and e-bikes are just the start. Although there are no plans yet to expand their range of e-bikes, he says they are exploring the possibility of manufacturing complementary solar-chargeable devices such as lawnmowers as well as production and manufacture in New Zealand of solar-charging flowers and solar suitcases.

The e-GG Mustang is priced at $1599 and the Pegasus at $1399. For more details, call 0800 005 335 or visit klevertech.co.nz or e-GG.co.nz.

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