Art Deco meets Chardonnay at Urban Winery in Napier

Urban Winery—the newest addition to the Hawke’s Bay Wine Trail—is a New Zealand-first in Napier

The old tobacco-processing factory may seem like a strange place to be making Chardonnay but the allure of this iconic Art Deco building proved irresistible to winemaker Tony Bish.

Art -Deco -meets -Chardonnay

"I have been interested in the concept of an Urban Winery in Ahuriri since 1995, but until now, the stars didn’t align. Access to the old National Tobacco Company was the catalyst for this new project," Tony says.

Sourcing local grapes, Tony employs cutting-edge techniques to make Chardonnay—a favourite varietal of the experienced winemaker who started his journey in winemaking in 1981.

Take a wander around Urban Winery and you will see this expression in action. In pride of place in Urban Winery’s barrel room sits a giant egg made of French oak. What looks like a classy sculpture to the untrained eye is actually a Taransaud Ovum imported from France and one of only a few such barrels anywhere in the world. This rare barrel adds to three concrete eggs in the winery’s stable, all quietly working away to create the perfect Chardonnay.

"We love the wine and food culture here as well as the proximity to gorgeous beaches, wild rivers, and stunning scenery. It’s a bit more urbane in the city centres compared to some other regional cities, and we like that to."

Source: Tourism New Zealand

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