UBCO is quiet, clean and clever

After successfully raising $4.2m earlier this year, UBCO is now growing its global market with models for both on- and off-road use

The latest UBCO 2x2 is a road-registerable Utility Electric Vehicle that is classified as a moped/scooter/motor-driven cycle globally. It can be driven on-road with as little as a learner car driver’s (Class 1) licence. 


With a motor in both wheels, the UBCO 2x2 dual electric drive scooter is smooth and ultra-quiet. A plus-point is its low maintenance; there is no clutch or drivetrain, no emissions and no noise either.

UBCO says it can easily go through trenches, up hills, and down steep tracks without missing a beat.

The latest model has been significantly upgraded with proprietary design parts and improved electrical integration. The manufacturer has improved strength, durability and ride comfort, as well as now using higher performing motors and improved sealing on its latest model.  

The portable power supply has a higher capacity too; handy for ensuring you’re all charged up when you’re out on the road or in the field. The UBCO 2x2 also comes with an IOS app (with an Android version coming soon) that provides continuous updates and lets riders interact and control features on the 2x2, as well as enables remote diagnostics.

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