Jucy sets eyes on electric campervans

Thousands of international tourists visiting New Zealand could be driving electric campervans within two years following a new electric vehicle trial

The New Zealand trial will mark the first time an electric campervan has been rented to tourists in this market.

JUCY-EV-Vehicle -027

Jucy CEO Tim Alpe says the company aims to introduce a new category of electric vehicle to its fleet to meet growing demand from millennial tourists.

"Electric vehicles are the future of the Jucy campervan fleet, and this trial is the ideal platform to test our product offering for customers,

"This market segment in particular want more environmentally sustainable travel options, at the same time this gives our tourists more choice and cheaper running costs."

EV benefits

According to Paris Sorbonne University environmental law student, Heloise de Bokay, tourism is becoming less sustainable, which calls for a more eco-friendly mode of transport to explore New Zealand.

"Electric cars are a more sensible solution in your country as more than 80 percent of your energy comes from renewable sources compared to only 22 percent in France," she says.

Tim adds, "Campervans are the perfect vehicle to be electrically powered as tourists tend to drive during the day and can then recharge overnight at their campground.

EV problems in NZ

"One of the biggest barriers we will face in the short term is lack of infrastructure to support EV charging," Tim says.

"We are working with camping grounds to introduce suitable facilities for overnight charging but there is also a need to bring in rapid chargers on the roads between main centres.

"At the same time, there are range limitations of the vehicles that need to be overcome to ensure tourists can travel long distances across the country, without the need to constantly recharge their battery.

"Our future as a sustainable tourist market will be short-lived if our customer experience is impacted by the range their vehicle can travel each day."

Tim says the company plans to introduce charging stations at their branches as well as Jucy Snooze hotels across New Zealand and Australia. 

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