New look Burstner range due in NZ soon

SmartRV expects to have stock of the new Bürstner range featuring the latest Wohnfühlen design by early 2018

Relaxed, spacious living, and stylish interiors are part of the innovative new motorhome design from German brand Bürstner, unveiled at the recent Caravan Salon show in Germany and soon to be available in New Zealand through SmartRV.

Bürstner has dubbed the new design ‘Wohnfühlen’, which translates as ‘well-being’ or ‘comfortable living’. It echoes the Danish concept of ‘hygge’—a trend that is having a huge influence on lifestyle and interiors around the world.

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The new look for Bürstner drew plenty of attention at the Caravan Salon, which is the largest annual European trade fair for motorhomes and caravans. The team from SmartRV, the exclusive distributors of Bürstner, Carado, and HYMER in New Zealand, attend the event in Düsseldorf each year for an insight into industry trends and developments.
SmartRV Marketing Director, Mary Hamilton, says Bürstner’s new design stood out instantly from competitor models.

"Bürstner have really taken a leap forward from everyone else," Mary says. "The design, the colours, and the materials—you walk inside and get a sense of a very warm and modern European apartment."

Changes to the Bürstner layout 

One of the biggest changes to the traditional Bürstner layout has been the creation of a large living space towards the back of the motorhome.

This space was previously taken up by a fixed bed, which now lifts into the ceiling electronically.

"You’re left with a lovely big open-space lounge and there’s no bed to negotiate anymore. That was definitely creating a bit of a buzz at the show," Mary says.

The greater sense of space is helped also by a redesigned floor. "One thing motorhome companies have always struggled with is floor levels," Mary explains. "Most motorhomes have multiple changes of floor level, which detracts from the sense of space as each change creates a barrier. These new models from Bürstner have a flat floor, which helps to open the space up."

Other features of the Wohnfühlen design include use of softer natural hues in premium long-wearing fabrics, more emphasis on comfortable, modern living with soft close drawers, a wall unit with additional pull-out and space for a coffee machine including capsule holder, scratch-resistant and coated worktops, premium fittings, LED night lighting, and additional USB ports.

Mary expects the new Bürstner motorhome range to have wide appeal, catering to those buying their first motorhome who want a more modern and comfortable option or those looking to upgrade and who like the idea of more living space while travelling.

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