Tourism Infrastructure Fund announced

Tourism Minister Paula Bennett announces a $178m package for tourism infrastructure as part of NZ Budget 2017

Tourism Infrastructure Fund announced
Tourism Grant

The tourism industry in New Zealand will get a $178 million boost, following Tourism Minister Paula Bennett’s announcement of a new $102 million Tourism Infrastructure Fund. The fund has been launched alongside $76 million in new funding for the DOC Estate.

 Over the next four years, the fund would provide $100 million in partnership with local councils and other community organisations for projects such as new carparks, freedom camping facilities, and toilets.

"Tourism is hugely important to New Zealand. It creates jobs and brings in billions of dollars to the economy. That’s why it’s important that we keep investing so we continue to attract high-value tourists and give them an amazing visitor experience," the minister says.

  "The industry has clearly told us that infrastructure is their top priority and we’ve responded to that. We’re moving from a focus on just boosting tourist numbers to also attracting higher-value tourists to all regions. This funding will ensure we have the capacity to do that," she adds.

 "Government will continue to work with councils and the industry to consider larger tourism projects which will be funded outside of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund. We’ve done this in the past with the Hundertwasser Art Centre in Northland and we’re open to considering other opportunities.

"Last year international tourism expenditure reached $14.5 billion, which is more than 20%of New Zealand’s total exports of goods and services. It’s also a significant employer, generating around 188,000 jobs directly, and a further 144,000 indirectly," Mrs Bennett says.

This fund is made up of $60.5 million in new money from Budget 2017 and $41.5 million in funds which have been reprioritised from the Tourism Growth Partnership and the Regional Mid-sized Tourism Facilities Grant Fund. Of that, $2 million over four years has been provided to manage the fund. 

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