NZ’s first Net Zero Energy campground

NZ’s first Net Zero Energy campground NZ’s first Net Zero Energy campground

Camp Glenorchy is New Zealand's first Net Zero Energy campground

Opening in late 2017, Camp Glenorchy— located in a stunning setting at the head of Lake Wakatipu in Glenorchy, Central Otago—will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how thoughtful design, healthy materials, and sustainable practices can conserve resources.

The campsite is part of The Headwaters, a new model for hospitality and retail that encompasses Mrs Woolly’s General Store and Mrs Woolly’s Campground (open until 18 April 2017). The new campsite will be New Zealand’s first Net Zero Energy campground.

Net Zero Energy certification is the world’s highest measure of sustainable energy use. To achieve this standard, a building or area must generate equal or less energy than it consumes over the course of a year. Camp Glenorchy will generate its own power utilising a solar garden and will feed excess energy to the national grid in times of excess, and withdrawing when on-site energy stocks are low. The aim is to use 50 percent less energy and water than traditional buildings and achieve a net consumption of zero energy over the period of a year.

An affordable mix of accommodation is being created to ‘educate, inspire and delight’ visitors. Guests will be able to choose and monitor their energy use as well as learn about passive solar generation, ecologically-sound wastewater treatment, composting toilets, organic food production and other aspects of living more lightly upon the land.

Throughout the property, visitors will find a series of low-key interpretive opportunities to help both children and adults learn through signage and interactive displays about the conservation and energy generating systems in use on the site. The goal is to invite visitors to discover and explore the marketplace and campground’s ‘buildings that teach’. Visitors will be able to actually see the energy and conservation systems in action, and gain an understanding about how they work.

The Headwaters (including Mrs Woolly’s General Store, Mrs Woolly’s Campground, Camp Glenorchy and all commercial operations under its umbrella) donates profits to the Glenorchy Community Trust, which supports local community initiatives.

Currently operating in the original general storefront, Mrs Woolly’s General Store offers a wide range of healthy food and inspiring selection of New Zealand-made gifts, clothing, housewares, outdoor gear and other practical items to celebrate and remember the Glenorchy lifestyle and each visitors’ adventure.  

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